Homeopathic Medicine :: NUX VOMICA

1. – Careful, jealous persons, inclined to get excited and, angry or of a spiteful malicious disposition.

2. – Hypochondric mood, worse after eating, especially in those of sedentary habits, or in those who dissipate, with abdominal sufferings, constipation and hemorrhoids.

3. – Coryza; fluent during the day, and stopped up at night.

4. – Constipation, with frequent and ineffectual desire for stool, and sensation of constriction of rectum

5. – After stool, sensation as if more remainend but could not be evacuated.

6. – Menses a few days before the time, copious, or keeping on for several days, with complaints at the onset and remaining after.

7. – Dry, fatiguing cough in the evening after lying .down, or very early in the morning, also with roughness, rawness, and scraping in the chest.

8. – Awakes at 3 a.m., lies awake for hours with a rush of thoughts, falls into a dreamy sleep at day-break from which he is hard to arouse, and then feels tired and weak, and averse to rising.

9. – Sleepy in the early evening and sleepless at night.

10. – Ailments from continued mental labour.

11. – After aromatics in food, or as medicine, especially ginger pepper, etc., and after most any kind of so-called hot medicines.

12. – Fools worse in the morning, soon after waking, also worse after mental exertion and after eating.


(SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of Chicago Homoeopathic Medical ; Rewritten by J. W. Hutchison, M. D. of Saginaw, Mich.)

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