Homeopathic Medicine :: Arsenicum Album – Arsenious Acid

Indicated chiefly in diseases of grave character with the mental symptoms peculiar to the remedy, thirst, restlessness, exhaustion after even slightest exertion, and aggravation after midnight.

It is a valuable remedy in fevers, coryza, asthma, gastric and intestinal affections, including cholera, and in inflammation in almost any part of the body. Frequently called for in gangrene, carbuncle, lupus, all malignant ulcerations or destructive processes; in dropsy, neuralgia, hay fever, poisoned wounds, ptomaine poisoning, ill effects of chewing tobacco, alcoholic excesses, and in all malarial affections.

Face pale, sunken, cachetic, cold, covered with cold sweat; eyes sunken; agonized expression.

Great anguish; despair; fear of death; suicidal tendency.

Great and rapidly progressing emaciation, with exhaustion of the vital forces (cachexia; malignancy).

Great restlessness; is constantly moving about in bed, though very weak; with dry and hot (or cold) skin and thread-like pulse.

Icy coldness of the body.

Sleeps with the hands over the head.

Adynamic fevers with pronounced periodicity.

Pulse small, rapid, intermittent.

Great thirst; drinks little at a time, but often; stomach symptoms are worse from drinking cold water; it either causes vomiting or lies heavily like a stone, upon the stomach.

Acrid coryza, with stoppage of the nose.

Excessive dyspnoea; thinks he must die; is forced to sit up so he can get a breath (asthma).

Great dyspnoea; scanty expectoration of transparent viscid, frothy mucus; worst at 1 a. m.; with violent palpitation of the heart and inability to lie on the back (asthma).

Eructation of bitter, sour substance, irritating the throat as though from an acid.

Nausea, retching, vomiting, with great prostration after eating or drinking. Vomiting of water, mucus, bile, blood; followed by great prostration and severe pain in the stomach.

Burning pain, as though from a live coal, in the affected part (carbuncles; stomach; abdomen).

Diarrhoea of dark-brown stools; of cadaverous carrion-like odor; worse from eating or drinking.

Cutting, colicky pain in the abdomen, with sense of coldness within.

Diarrhoea like chopped egg, horribly foul, preceded by restlessness and anguish, followed by great prostration and burning in the rectum.

Every effort is followed by exhaustion; when lying still he is less conscious of his weakness.

Vomiting and purging at the same time.

Burning pain in the rectum and anus (haemorrhoids).

Urine scanty, dark, albuminous.

Chilliness without thirst; wants to be near a stove.

Heat with thirst, great exhaustion and anxiety.

Dry, bran-like, scaly eruption, with itching and burning, worse from scratching.

Ulcerations, with burning pain; better from external warmth; chilliness with the pain.

Worse after midnight; from scratching eruption; from cold drink or food, especially from iced water or ice-cream; from alcohol; from eating fruit; from wine; from exertion.

Better from external warmth; from lying with the head high; near the warm stove.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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