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Today young people, suffering from sexual disorders, are very common. Thirty one percent males are suffering from sexual problem. Most of their complications arise due to the prevailing ignorance on sexual matters. Emotional and stress problem are the cause of sexual dysfunction. Malnutrition, poor quality of life style and prior traumatic sexual experiences also lead to sexual dysfunction.

Impotency is the commonest sexual dysfunction of male. It defines as a complete or partial erectile failure with normal sexual desire. It signifies a condition of incapability to attend sexual intercourse successfully.

It is the worst calamity in life, which takes away the pleasure and happiness from life. This situation is very humiliating for a sufferer to find himself ineffective while performing coitus.

There is a component of a conjugal life that plays a big roll in a married life and that is the two partners to have a great physical relationship. A female has always an expectation from her male partner to enjoy immense sexual pleasure and get a full satisfaction during intercourse. A divine happy married life depends on sexual harmony of the couple. So, a woman can never regard an impotent even though he is rich, handsome and have abounding wealth. Because of this very factor, many young ladies of high society elope with their lover or seduced or make an illicit relation with someone else. A woman is happier and more content with a potent and virile person. Sometimes, the impotence brings disharmony in family life. Occasionally, it frustrates the sufferer and leads him to commit suicide. It often makes the person insane.

So, everybody has to step forward with real solution of sexual problems and diseases in order to :
1. Make himself to able as ideal performer,
2. Get free from unnecessary botheration,
3. Judge of the worth of their exact sexual condition,
4. Warn himself against the embarrassments arising out of the sexual abuses and ignorance,
5. Live a happy and undisturbed healthy twin life filled with romance and sweet dream.

Most of the time young generations seek medical help from irresponsible and unqualified physicians. Most of the sick persons waste their money on most of the advertised medicines without determining their suitability to their individual characteristic. Most of the time patients exploited by inexperienced physicians and quacks.

Homoeopathy can cure such sexual problems safely and effectively. There are several cases have been cured with perfect homoeopathic treatment.

Homoeopathic treatment based on totality of the symptoms. Selection of medicine depends on individualization of the patient. So, if we seek homoeopathic prescription from a physician with the name of disease, it will not be possible. Physician will select an ideal medicine from several homoeopathic medicines on the basis of details case history of the patient,

Main Factors for Impotence :
? Complication with diabetes mellitus.
? Abnormal function of pituitary glands. When the gland produces excess prolactin hormone, the sexual function is affected.
? Hypertension and high cholesterol level in blood may be the obstacle in the function in the arteries of genitals, which create erection of male genital.
? Worries, anxiety, tension, fears, stress, overwork, etc. – the psychological disturbances.
? Masturbation and other artificial sexual devices.
? Sexual excess.
? Marriage in too early age.
? Long continued celibacy.
? Suppression of sexual desire.
? Dissatisfaction with partner.
? Coitus interruptions.
? Vitamin deficiency.
? Obesity.
? Deficiency in secretion of testosterone.
? Bad effects of the addiction with alcoholism, drugs, tobacco etc.
? Leukemia, pernicious anaemia – such types of debilitating illness.
? Syphilis, gonorrhoea and such venereal diseases.
? Some neurological diseases.
? Tumor of the brain, spinal cord, testes, etc.
? Congenital malformation of the lower portion of the spinal cord.
? Pelvic inflammatory disease.
? Injury in vertebra or/and spinal region.
? Bad effect of repeated radiation through x-ray, cobalt, chemotherapy, etc.

Treatment :

It is fact that Impotence is curable whether there will be absent maintaining factor / gross pathological changes. It cannot be cure with a shorter period of treatment. In the market, there are several stimulating medicines. If those medicines being prescribed without first adopting the system for their use they may produce reverse result.

Often impotency symptom is transient and improves with reassurance. If persist, must consult with a qualified and experienced Homoeopath.

Homoeopathic Remedies :

There are several homoeopathic medicines, which act miraculous in curing the Impotency. Homoeopathic medicine can select on the basis of totality of the symptoms, individualization of the case. Only an experienced physician are able to select an ideal medicine suited to the case.

The following medicine may be act well in Impotency :
1. Arnica Montana
2. Bacillinum
3. Caladium Seguinum
4. Cuprum Metallicum
5. D. N. A.
6. Damiana
7. Graphites
8. Hypericum Perforatum
9. Kali Iodatum
10. Lycopodium Clavatum
11. Medorrhinum
12. Mercurius Solibilis
13. Moschus Moschiferus
14. Natrum Muriaticum
15. Nuphur Luteum
16. Onosmodium
17. Phosphoricum Acidum
18. Phosphorus
19. Pituitary Gland
20. R. N. A.
21. Sabal Serrulata
22. Selenium
23. Staphysagria
24. Sulphur
25. Syphylinum
26. Thuja Occidendron
27. Titanium
28. Tuberculinum
29. Yohimbinum

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