Fibromyalgia :: Women Living with Fibromyalgia

Although fibromyalgia is a real neurological condition, it is not uncommon for FM suffers to be treated as if “it’s all in your head.” Support, understanding and even basic information can be hard to come by for those coping with the intense pain and fatigue of this debilitating chronic illness, as well as the grief, anger and isolation that often accompany it’s onset.

Women Living with Fibromyalgia offers insight and practical advice to help suffers alleviate the symptoms of FM and manage its impact on their lives, relationships and careers.

Women from all walks of life share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned about fibromyalgia. By exploring how FM affects women’s health, spirituality and the roles they play in their families and in the world, this book can help its readers create new and rewarding lives even as they cope with the loss of an old one.

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