Fibromyalgia :: All About Fibromyalgia – A Guide for Patients and Their Families

Fibromyalgia, a syndrome rather than a disease, is more widely accepted by the medical profession now than it was a decade ago. This informative, accessible manual begins with the syndrome’s history and proceeds to who generally gets fibromyalgia (more women than men) and why.

The Wallaces describe the often localized or regional pains and discomforts associated with the syndrome, show how they affect different parts and systems of the body, and explore the relationships between the syndrome and stress, sleep, hormones, and the immune system. Many conditions can be related to fibromyalgia, and a physician must consider such possibilities in making a differential diagnosis and in preparing a program of treatment. The Wallaces also discuss various therapies and methods for coping with the condition. They give both patients and health professionals a fuller understanding of fibromyalgia and suggestions for working together in successfully combating it.

Each chapter or section begins with a literary quotation that brings the subject into focus. The second section is heavily scientific, and the author even recommends skipping it and reading it later. I found the second section well written, but complex. It requires several readings. Each chapter of the book ends with a “Summing Up” paragraph (especially helpful in the scientific section)that helps you remember what you just read.

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