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Starlanyl offers an impassioned, in-depth manifesto for FMS and myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) patients that explores the wide spectrum of traditional and alternative approaches to these two disorders. Herself a physician living with both FMS and MPS, Starlanyl gives the reader valuable information for working with various health specialists through numerous “data sheets” geared to a particular practitioner, e.g., the cardiologist or dentist.

Although her book would seem to accept uncritically many experimental therapies for FMS and MPS, Starlanyl argues that in medicine “hardening of the attitudes” is a common response of clinicians who lack a true understanding of these two painful conditions. Well referenced, with an extensive index but no illustrations, this is essential for every consumer health collection.

This book assists and educates both the sufferer and practitioners on the disorder, resources, and how to obtain the best possible care. The chapters are organized and easy to navigate, and include extremely helpful information on legal issues and disability.

There are sections adressed to your other caregivers, including physicians, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, and more. Devin actually encourages you to make copies of the pages in her book and give them to your specialists!

This book also includes 47 pages at the end of the book with extensive information on References, Bibliography, Reading Lists, and Resources. This woman has done her research and is not afraid to share her experience and resources.

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