Fibromyalgia :: Pain Relief for Pressure Sensitive Tender Points in Fibromyalgia

The 024 Essential Oil Pain Neutralizer preparation is a mixture of essential oils that does not contain any additives such as alcohol or other stabilizers. This makes the preparation universally applicable and allows it to be applied both to mucous membranes and to wounds. Various studies showed that patients suffering from sports injuries and contusions experienced a quick reduction of the swelling and speedy recovery after local applications of the preparation.

The study consisted of 41 women suffering from fibromyalgia (average age 49.9 years) were subjected to a five day treatment with 024 Essential Oil Pain Neutralizer

In the fribromyalgia patients, the bilateral tender points over the lateral epicondyles were treated with three daily applications (morning, noon and evening) of 024 Essential Oil Pain Neutralizer. The patients kept a pain journal documenting the intensity of the pain one hour after application of the preparation on the basis of a visual analogue scale ranging from 0 to 100.

The results of the five day application study showed a significant pain reduction by aproximately 61% compared with the initial pain experienced at the onset of the study.

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