Reiki :: Reiki For Dummies

Though it originated long ago in Japan, Reiki-a gentle, noninvasive healing practice that uses guided life-force energy-is now offered as a complementary therapy by 60 percent of hospitals in the U.S. This plain-English guide explains what Reiki is, how it originated and evolved, and what conditions it can help alleviate.

For people seeking treatment, it offers guidance on how to find a qualified Reiki practitioner and what to expect in an initial Reiki session; for people who want to become Reiki practitioners themselves, it discusses the training process and what it takes to get started as a Reiki healer.

This reference book has a lot of little tidbits of information that some books will skip over or not go into enough detail for the regular person, like me, to be able to understand. Highly recommend it for someone who wants to broaden their learning.

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