Aging :: Brain Longevity – Improve Your Mind and Memory

This revolutionary (and fascinating) book explains how we can postpone the aging of our brains and instead develop extraordinary brain longevity, with memory, concentration, energy, and learning ability even better than what we enjoy in our youth.

The BRAIN LONGEVITY program is a four-step plan using modern complementary medicine, from Eastern and Western traditions, and including nutritional therapy, stress management, exercise therapy, and pharmacology, all designed to overcome “normal” brain aging.

The program is designed to control a specific adrenal hormone, cortisol, which clinical testing has shown to be toxic to the brain and to become present in excessive levels as we age. Excess cortisol (which is often caused by stress as well as “normal” aging) diminishes the abilities of our brain cells and savages the body’s production of hormones, including those that regulate our mood and our sex drive.

Dr. Khalsa’s holistic program reverses this toxicity and allows the brain to return to vibrancy and optimum mental ability. This is an easy-to-follow plan that can change the lives of millions.

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