Ayahuasca by Dr Jawahar Shah

Ayahuasca is a wonderful remedy which can produce the effect as good as that achieved after undergoing long traumatizing sessions of intense psychotherapy. It can be employed as a very important intercurrent remedy or as an opening prescription which opens up the inner feelings of the patient.

Every Homeopathic physician should know use this remedy in his practice.

It is one of the psychoactive drugs which can cause subjective changes in perception, thought, feeling, emotion and consciousness.

Ayahuasca (Quechua) is one of the psychoactive infusions or decoctions prepared from the Banisteriopsis (vine), native to the Amazon Rainforest (which is also called ayahuasca). It falls under the plant psychedelics group of hallucinogens.

Although there are numerous admixtures, two plants indigenous to the Amazonian rain forest, Banisteriopsis caapi (vine) and Psychotria viridis (bush), most often make up this psychoactive, synergistic compound.

When taken in physiological dose, it produces intense vomiting because of it extremely bitter taste. The reward for all this effort, believers claim, is eminently worth the pain because it produces profound revelatory visions. Amazing visual and auditory hallucinations are experienced by people who take it. Many showed remarkable improvement of their symptoms which can be compared to that which might be expected from rigorous psychotherapy.

Such improvements usually occurred spontaneously, without necessarily involving insight into the particulars of the patient’s life and conflicts.

Deeper experiences are the key to understanding the Ayahuasca experience. During proving, it produces extensive personal experience of the natural world, and provides guidance for those seeking communication with the spirit world.

Hence a drug, which has such a profound action, has to be considered as an important and deep acting homeopathic remedy.

Provers have experienced a diversity of important mental symptoms as follows:

1. Dreams, death, dying of:

  • his best friend died in front of him
  • horror; as if his parents were shot in front of him
  • dying people are, feels poignant
  • woman by cancer

2. FORSAKEN, feeling

  • Isolation, sensation of
  • peace with his loneliness, at
  • HOME, desires to, go

3. Dreams related to sexual sphere:

  • Condoms, cleaning up, one broke and sprayed  on her
  • DREAMS, Coition, of, with a classmate, professor says “have fun“
  • Professor, who made sexual innuendo
  • Sexual abuse
  • Striptease dance

Apart from these characteristics, it also brings out symptoms such as Love for nature, Clairvoyance, Increased activity, Egotism, Company aversion to, Fearlessness, Suicidal thoughts, etc.

At the physical level too, it produces many significant symptoms:

  • Increased activity, which is soon followed by weariness.
  • “Flowing out” feeling from various organs from the body.
  • Sleeplessness from fear or fright, unrefreshing.
  • Aversion and aggravation from alcohol.
  • Craves sweets and mustard.

So, this exotic hallucinogenic remedy has an intense capacity to produce symptoms not only as an infusion or decoction but also when taken in the potentized form and can be of immense value in clinical practice. This drug definitely needs to be explored more so that it can be successfully applied by the entire Homeopathic fraternity to produce more cures and better results.

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  1. As homeopath I am very interested in the results of the homeopathic test. Please can you direct me to more informatins ?
    Thank you very much !!!

    • Dear Sir

      I would like to purchase ayahuasca liquid either as homoeopathic medicine or the liquid itself for which could you please help in procurement.

      • Harmal/esphand has virtually the same active alkaloids as are found in ayahuasca vine, however the vasiconine should be removed from the harmal (peganum harmala) with a base precipitation and a salt wash.

        Half the healing comes from that MAO inhibitor (harmine/harmaline) but there does not seem to be a good source of DMT leaves around here. The DMT is what causes the visions. It is found in the chacruna (literally “admixture”) plant, not the ayahuasca vine itself. You’ll need to buy some psychotria seeds for that and cultivate it yourself because india seems to lack a plentiful source of plant DMT (though it is found in hundreds of plants in trace quantities). Within a decade it may be easier to cultivate genetically engineered DMT-yeast.

    • Buy some online like at kiwiboancaya or a number of other sites. Cook it up yourself. Or buy seeds and grow the plants and wait five years until they are ready.


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