Stress :: Stress management & Alternative Therapies

Stress management and rejuvenation are the buzzwords these days. As health takes on new dimensions and pleasure seeking goes beyond mere enjoyment, a host of Ayurveda and alternative healthcare resorts-cum-spas are springing around the city limits of Bangalore.

Whether it?s corporates holding their conferences or families making weekend getaways, spas are fast becoming the ultimate holiday destination.

Explains Dr Isaac Mathias, who has 20 years? experience in alternative treatments, The city?s fantastic weather and the presence of institutes of repute in both alternative and modern medicine are paving the way for a great future in spa and health resorts, taking the limelight away from Kerala.

Big names in the spa industry like the Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort and The Golden Palms Spa offer rejuvenation, stress management and health improvement therapies. Explains Abhijit Verma, sales and marketing manager, Angsana, In the last two years, we have established this property as a lifestyle indicator. It has become a status symbol. Most people like to be heard as having spent time at Angsana and about 85 per cent of our clientele falls in the repeat customer category.

Many other smaller resorts or wellness centres that lay greater emphasis on treatment rather than simple rejuvenation have also sprung up. Says Dr Mathias, We have incorporated the western with the traditional, offering seven different systems of medicine, including naturopathy, homoeopathy, Siddha, Unani as also allopathy. Besides, we can provide 30 kinds of therapies like aromatherapy and energy balancing therapy.

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