Stress :: Lesser stress, lesser diseases

Detailing on his topic ‘Stress Related Disorders and their Management’, Dr Batra says that it is one of the major problems of life. The impact is so much that it results in various diseases from common cold to cancer, mental illness, migraine, depression and then leading to suicide, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) and many others.

According to him, ‘every 30 seconds one Indian dies of a heart attack from stress. Suicide rates have doubled by 60 per cent worldwide, and 121 million people world over suffer from stress-related depression. Defining stress as ‘a reaction of mind and body against any changes of sort, Dr Batra says that this change can be positive as well as negative.

Unknown to most is the Eustress. It is during which one experiences when they get a raise, buys a house or becomes a parent. This is generally deemed as good stress. But, when the good stress is exploited above its limit, then it becomes a bad stress.

There are four main reasons attributed to stress, the first being ‘Work Pressure’. It occurs mainly because of the boss, colleagues, subordinates, when there is a mismatch between performance and expectation, insecurity.

The second one is the ‘Family Stress’. It is said that 11 per cent of Indian families are heading for divorce because of stress.

Other reasons are separation from a loved ones, health, alcoholism or drug addiction, family income (family values have changed with money), no togetherness (family as an institution is breaking down). The third form of stress is ‘Individual Stress’. This occurs when an individual has a chronic disease, ‘the way we look self-problem’.

Dr Batra finally says that stress can be managed through conventional medicine, homoeopathy.

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