Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation in arthritis

Mitral valve prolapse with mitral valve regurgitation is a complication of rheumatic arthritis as a result of infection of heart muscles, endocardium & mitral valve. The causative factor is streptococcus organism. This disease is prevalent in childhood & teenagers & usually primary sites of infection are tonsils & unhealthy wounds. Streptococci are cosmopolitan in nature, they are present everywhere. From the site of primary lesions these organisms spread via lymphatics & venous drainage & they infect vital organ, heart & its membranes & valves. Such infections of the heart are known as rheumatic heart diseases.

It is a very much complicated type of disease. Prolapse of mitral valve & .regurgitation & mitral valve stenosis are common in rheumatic heart diseases. Due to infection of mitral valve & endocardium & non closure of cusps of mitral valve due to oedema & necrotic lesions regurgitation of blood occurs. Whenever such patients suffers from rheumatic heart diseases make correct approach of curative processes they are cured by correct administration of similimum remedy in individual case of mitral valve prolapse & regurgitation of mitral valve. The curative process in such patients starts as soon as the similimum remedy is consumed by the patient of rheumatic heart disease. Dr Samuel Hahnemann was a keen observer & he had enough potential to invent the law of nature i.e. the law of cure & the law of similars.

The law of similars is applicable universally.& is a basic & fundamental law of homoeopathic system of medicine. The signs & symptoms present in individual case of rheumatic heart disease are peculiar & the same type of signs & symptoms are ascertained of rheumatic heart disease by drug proving on healthy individuals. The similimum remedy possesses the power of curability ,the energy to fight against the disease, caused by streptococci. Dr. Hahnemann was wise enough to detect natural signs & symptoms of rheumatic heart disease & therapeutic administration of similimum remedy in individual case of rheumatic heart disease. The inherent properties of the indicated similimum remedy & the power of it are important information for the diagnosis of remedy[remedial diagnosis] according to the signs & symptoms[nosological/disease diagnosis]of the individual case of rhd patients. Once we decide the correct similimum remedy ,then we have to find out correct potency ,quantity, frequency of the doses according to the intensity of sufferings of the patient, frequency of the sufferings of the patient & period of the sufferings of the patient & once we correlate the patient with appropriate doses then the patient starts showing improvement.

Once the power of the similimum remedy is absorbed by the patient’s body & the vital force, the vital force starts acting on the received power/energy of the medicine ,its meaning is interpretated & protective response is given by the immune system to destroy the streptococci. The dominating power of the medicine becomes the power of individual patient of rheumatic heart disease & it happens on the principle of SIMILARS. No doubt the dominating power of the medicine is evidently acting on the patient’s trinity of life[mind vital force & body] & performs dominating functions to annihilate low grade energy of streptococci through the mechanism of natural antibodies formation against streptococci & it is a dynamic process happens after administration of similimum remedy to the patient & the LAW OF SIMILARS is satisfied. The nature itself is taking help of law of similars & nature’s law of cure to make survival of various species around us. Each & every species of the nature is an excellent example of its own dominating capability & its actual application for the survival of individual species on this planet earth. Because each & every organism is having its own genetic code & according to its characteristics & properties it exhibits its all dominating characters in individual species. Human species is the most evolved & sophisticated model species of the nature, where the genetics has provided vastness of individual characters geographically.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a keen observer to detect the signs & symptoms of natural diseases & the signs & symptoms produced by drug proving in individual remedial drug proving& proper administration of similimum for curative effects in individual sick person. Here comes the real part of relation between the characteristic features [signs & symptoms] of natural disease & characteristic features of indicated similimum remedy .The individual sick patient of rheumatic heart disease should be provided the required energy for fighting against streptococci organisms & that is present in individual similimum remedy of homoeopathy & the power of the similimum remedy becomes the power of individual sick patient of rheumatic heart disease. As a result of ” DOMINATION OF REMEDIAL ENERGY” over streptococci ,the germs are totally destroyed by the progressive antibodies production of immune system, as a result of revitalization of weaker vital force by remedial energy. Hence the patients of rheumatic heart disease becomes immune to the next successive attacks of streptococci in future & remains healthy .

Once the ASO TITRE comes below 200 i.u./ml of blood, once the ANA TEST comes negative, once the prolapsed mitral valve with regurgitation is replaced to its normal position & confirmed in echocardiography & once raised ESR settles below 10 mm at the end of one hour, after administration of most similimum homoeopathic remedy & if these states remains in individual patient of rhd for a period minimum future ten years, the patients are said to be cured from rhd.

The LAW OF SIMILARS is the most fundamental law of nature & it is applicable universally. Hence Dr. Hahnemann was very much confident about its applications for curative purposes based on the “POWER OF DOMINANCE”, the dominance is powerfully & genitally applied by the nature for natural preservation of different species & the characters from one generation are carried in to the next future generation by the process of dominance of genetic information i.e. only the effects of dominant genes are present in all species, the effects of recessive genes are not at all observed in the species by the law of nature. On the basic fundamental laws/principles of GENETICS, nature is exhibiting its natural models of different species in this universe[including our earthly living world] , hence on the similar natural fundamental laws/principles “THE LAW OF SIMILARS” should & must possess the property of “POWER OF DOMINANCE” as to that of laws/principles of “GENETICS”, & hence the law of similars & genetics are two sides of one coin ,& cannot be separated from one another & law of similars & genetics must be viewed, experienced, measured & applied through the same angle for curative purposes .Because whenever we administer most similimum remedy to an individual sick person, what we do here, is the application of SIMILIMUM REMEDY AS TO THAT OF HIS/HER SIGNS & SYMPTOMS i.e. the application of DOMINATING ENERGY for curative purposes & the patients are cured by “DOMINANCE” & hence the “LAW OF DOMINANCE” becomes the important law of homoeopathy.

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