Homeopathy :: Homoepathy not only works , It Ensures Health Safely

The recently published Lancet journal in its editorial entitled ?The end of homoeopathy? and the report that Homoeopathy doesn?t work according to the study conducted by Swiss statistical analyst Matthias Egger of Switzerland?s University of Berne appeared in the press is a biased piece of report without the actual substance and seems to be not only motivated but also derogatory to the medical fraternity and suffering humanity at large and is an attempt to dissuade the patients from having the benefits of this system which has stood the time testing of more than 200 years with its miraculous and wonderful results. As such Homoeopathy today is posing a threat and challenge to the conventional medicines due to its merits of Success with no adverse effects.

Hypertension :: Anxiety & high blood pressure cases on rise in children

Mast.S.S. 16 yr old student is fed up with vertigo, dizziness on getting up, he gets breathless and is unable to control his anger experiences persistent headaches and feels pain and dryness in the eyes. He has to study hard and devote time to coaching for his forth coming Boards but find unable to cop up because of nagging pains and symptoms.

Mental stress increases white patches of vitiligo & leucoderma

In a recent concluded Free Camp on Leucoderma / Vitiligo ( White patches) at OVIHAMS ( Sh. Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy & Allied Medical Sciences) RL-1, Ganga Ram Vatika, Tilak Nagar on 7th of May for 3 Hrs. it was observed that Homoeopathy has a near cure for Leucoderma patients, as it has been seen in the number of patients who have been benefited with homoeo treatment.

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Skin Leucoderma – Vitiligo – Natrum Muriaticum

Vitiligo is  condition of the skin in which destruction of melanocytes in small or large circumscribed areas results in patches of depigmentation, often having a hyperpigmented border, and often enlarging slowly. This is clinical study about efficacy Of homoeopathic drugs in cases of leucoderma.

CASE – 4: A – 5635:

A ten years old boy was having depigmented spots on face since 2 years. The case was repertorised. Symptoms considered for s_election of remedy were desire for salty things, tendency to get angry and violent, quarrelsome nature with tendency to get offended easily, aggravation from consolation, aversion to company, anxious dreams and thirst for large quantity of water. Natrum muriaticum was s_elected. After 4 months of treatment ninety nine percent improvement was observed.

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