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Homeopathy :: Certain little known facts of Homoeopathy

All of us have earned our degrees by both merit and hard labour. We have also spent a lot, and expect return. But we need to know something not widely known and not generally taught to us. These are fundamentals of Homeopaths knowledge base.

1) Is it true that a person needs only one remedy? Is poly prescribing not allowed in Homeo?

Answer is No. Every person needs more than one. The one which suits him most is the basic constitutional remedy. But we have to tackle his other conditions also. Suppose a Selenium?gentleman has a snake bite not so venomous. Can we say that we will not give anything other than Selenium? Suppose the same person becomes a victim of Malaria. Shall we say we cannot give anything other than Selenium? Suppose the same person crashes into a car while riding. Can we say we will not give him Bellis or Arnica?

2) How to make distinction between constitutional or long acting drugs and the acute or short acting drugs?

The answer is in?nature itself. Any species that has short life in nature corresponds to transient miasm. For example, Jasmine (gels), monkshood (acon), windflower (puls) etc. Such species?have short life span in nature and cannot cause organic changes and they are not capable of?working long like constitutional medicines

3) If a person has malaria and not treated properly, will the hidden aftereffects continue life long?

The answer is no. Malaria is a transient disease.

4) If we take strong allopathy, will homeo does not work?

The answer is no. Homeo works in any circumstance provided it is WORKABLE for that individual. Only homeo drug can tackle another homeo drug

5) Can we treat asymptomatic cases with Homeo?

The answer is no. Without symptom study, never give homeopathic drugs. Also, signs are as important as symptoms. Without studying a case in all its features, never give homeo drugs

6) Is AIDS treatable by Homeo?

Yes–Provided you are clear about his basic constitutional remedy which alone can overcome the AIDS

7) Is our Materia Medica complete?

The answer is?yes to a large extent but not yet completed. For example, our provings are not very sound for treating Leucoderma. There are still more medicinal herbs used by village folk that can be proved. There are still more fruits, flowers, herbs which can be proved. We should know clearly what to be proved and should not apply it until it is confirmed by genuine sources.

8) If Homeo fails, what is to be done?

There is no need to panic. If the case needs urgent attention, give suitable direction like hospitalization. (without giving too much time for homeo as rightly mentioned by Dr Koppikar in his book). If the case does not need immediate attention, better consult your homeopathic colleagues (other physicians) with better experience. After all, two heads are better than one

10) Is Homeo safe system?

The answer is no. It is?not?a safe system as normally assumed.

11) What the students should know about Materia Medica

Materia medica is a compilation of sufferings of human provers. Every word of materia medica is a language of suffering provers.

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