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The recently published Lancet journal in its editorial entitled ?The end of homoeopathy? and the report that Homoeopathy doesn?t work according to the study conducted by Swiss statistical analyst Matthias Egger of Switzerland?s University of Berne appeared in the press is a biased piece of report without the actual substance and seems to be not only motivated but also derogatory to the medical fraternity and suffering humanity at large and is an attempt to dissuade the patients from having the benefits of this system which has stood the time testing of more than 200 years with its miraculous and wonderful results. As such Homoeopathy today is posing a threat and challenge to the conventional medicines due to its merits of Success with no adverse effects.

It might have been possible that his personal experience about certain problems as mentioned conditions of Asthma, Allergies and Muscular problems could have not given the desirable effect , then that does not imply that the entire system of medicine i.e. Homoeopathy is ineffective or acts as just dummy drugs and has only placebo effects. Today the changing outlook of the patients find homoeopathy not only more effective but at the same time safer also. This experience and belief only has led Millions of people to take homoeopathic treatment for various diseases like

Acute and Chronic diseases with maximum curative rate and least of adverse effects worldwide and whereas homoeopathy is being practiced in nearly 70 countries.

How can a system survive for more than 200 years if it is ineffective or does not work.? Strangely the same journal writes about the efficacy of homoeopathy in 1997.

It appears that the trials for treatment conducted by the author were not done by following the principles of Homoeopathy which is based on Individualization of the case ,as the treatment is based on the Individual and not on the mere disease . The other basic principle of Simillimum ,Drug Dynamisation, Potentisation is the core of homoeopathy ( Which was referred as absurd dilutions, clearly shows the lack of understanding of homoeopathic scientific system).

He seems to be unaware that the deadliest poison like KCN (Potassium Cyanide) is used as remedy called Kali Cyanatum in homoeopathy which has found to be very good for Cancer of Tongue, it is only because of this magical dilution process where more the dilution means more the power as it brings the latent energy of the drug substance. This dilution with qualitative effect not only increases the latent power it also minimizes the adverse effects of the drug substance hence making it more safer.

As usually it is done for the conventional medicine A Drug is tested and tried in laboratory, lower animals and finally the patients. Was the study conducted on the basis of disease and drug or the diseased individual ? Was Homoeopathic remedy given after the proper case taking, symptom evaluation ( Which includes the symptoms of the disease and also of the patient comprising of Mental, Emotional, General , Physical and Particular Unusual Uncommon and Peculiar symptoms of the person and then Proper Constitutional remedy selected for that individual case ?

If the study was not conducted in this manner then the whole concept of study becomes superfluous because Homoeopathy treats the Sick person who has the disease and not the mere disease and if the remedy given is not selected on those basis it definitely will not give the desirable results in that wake saying that homoeopathy doesn?t work has no basis whatsoever. How can it jeopardize the faith and trust of millions of homoeopathic lovers and users which also has the patronage of the Royal family of United Kingdom and other bigwigs from all fields all around the globe.

It was Dr. Hahnemann the great scientist and genius of his time has been a real healer of the sick who understood the role of Vital Energy at that time which is being talked in the terms of Immune system now a days by the so called modern science.

I wish to condemn this study and report on behalf of Homoeopathic fraternity and appeal to masses to reject this report and curb this calculated attempt to sabotage the development and ever increasing popularity of this effective system of medicine called Homoeopathy. There are innumerable testimonials of the patients those who have been cured of their disease like, Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Skin Ailments Leucoderma, Liver problems, and even some so called surgical conditions are also being cured with homoeopathy like Kidney Stones, Tumors, Fibroids, Tonsilitis, Piles, warts etc. and so many others including some Breast Cancer and Heart Problems also. In today?s time whole world proudly admits that “Homoeopathy not only Works – It Ensures Health Safely”. With the ever increasing switching over of the patients to homoeopathy for its affectivity and no adverse effects , it is widely looked upon all around now that the “21st Century is an Era of Homoeopathy”.

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