Homeopathy :: Save Homoeopathy – Forewarned Is Fourarmed

With the ever-increasing side-effects and failures of the drugs of conventional therapy, more and more people are turning towards alternative modes of treatment amongst which Homoeopathy seems to be generating maximum prominence and interest.

But, simultaneously more and more quacks and psuedo-homoeopaths (Qualified Homoeopaths not practicing proper Homoeopathy) seem to be jumping into the band-wagon to make a fast buck. There utter inability to understand and apply the basic firm and logical principles of Homoeopathy in their practice is translated into disdain for the original principles and they project themselves as progressive homoeopaths and saviors by setting their own standards and principles and adding their “Tentacles of Concept” converting a simple, benign, sacred healing art like Homoeopathy into a Hydra headed monster.

These are the homoeopaths who, not knowing the science in depth are either ignorant of the damage they are causing to the patient or intentionally turning a Nelson’s Eye to the bad effects of their practice and call it “SAFE” at the cost of the patient’s health.

Before long, the fast and up coming Homoeopathy shall meet the same fate as that of its allopathic counterparts due to the misdeeds of a paltry few if the process is not “nipped in the bud,” and thus a good science will be lost to HUMANITY.

Before this happens we would like to warn everyone:-“ARE YOU IN SAFE HANDS?”


(1) No new major disease should appear.

A person should never suffer from High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Thyroid (even if they have a hereditary history in the family).

If he suffers, the Homoeopathic treatment is incorrect.

(2) Old Symptoms should and must reappear in a milder, tolerable form without which complete cure is not possible.

(3) There should be a general sense of well being in the patient.

The patient should say “I am feeling better” rather than “My Pains are better”

The Homoeopathic Parameters are:-

His Appetite should & must improve

His Sleep should &must improve

His Constipation if any should & must improve

His Stamina & Enthusiasm should & must improve

All these despite the normal conventional parameters or gauges like Blood Picture, Temperature, Blood Pressure, X-rays showing no change is an excellent improvement by Homoeopathic standards.

(All these conventional parameters have to should and must respond if the above mentioned Homoeopathic parameters normalize)

Remember MAN as a whole is more important than his PARTS.

(4) Appearance of skin eruptions during any treatment is one of the best signs of correct Homoeopathic treatment.

(5) Pains appearing an lower part of the already existing pains or away from the centre of the body are Best Signs i.e. when knee pain is being treated pains appearing in the shoulder or the back is a BAD sign and on the other hand, pains appearing in the ankle or heel i.e. away from the centre of the body is a very GOOD sign.

(6) No Dietetic Restrictions are required if the treatment is correct. Homoeopathic similimum is a “BULL DOZER”. It cures ailments inspite and despite the aggravating factors-food, AND

Even an asthmatic should be able to tolerate cold drinks, icecreams, sour, pickles etc. from the 1 st week of treatment, according to defensive power of the individual judged by doctor who is treating.

(7) Even Acute episodes of Fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Headache. Acute Hypertensions, Asthma etc. respond in a very rapid and gentle manner to a minimum dose.


(8) Remember Local Applications of all Ointments, Balms and Painkiller Ointments oil massages, eye drops and Ear drops are contraindicated in Homoeopathy because it blocks the exteriorization of disease (i.e. bringing the disease on the skin) unless homeopathically applied.

(9) Remember – It is the HOMOEOPATH who fails not HOMOEOPATHY.

Homoeopathy is like ‘Yoga’, it is not only a therapy but also a way of life. When used in the “Right Way” it does rejuvenate a person making him feel younger.


(1) If your Homoeopathic physician has never probed your MIND and BODY thoroughly in his case taking, then he cannot know you good enough to increase your Resistance Power – you are not in safe hands.

(2) If your Homoeopath has put in a lot of restrictions regarding daily food and does not allow you to consume or try aggravating or symptom precipitating factors, then he is not sure of increasing your resistance. But this depends on his observation and experience.

(3) If he pays extra attention to the conventional parameters like Blood, X-ray and less attention to your feelings. He may not be able to help you.

(4) If your Homoeopathy treats your disease and not you, he is doing more harm to you and it is nothing but SUPPRESSION of cause & effect.


“DR. HERING’S LAW OF CURE” Which states

Cure should take place with symptoms disappearing:-

(a) From Head to Foot.

(b) From Centre of the body to the Periphery.

(c) More important organs to less important organs like lungs, kidneys to skin etc.

(d) From inside to outside e.g. from cough & sneezing to skin eruption.

(e) In exactly Reverse Order of how symptoms have appeared First symptom should disappear last & Recent symptom should disappear first. All these with a General Sensation of Well Being.

Therefore, REMEMBER that only with CORRECT HOMOEOPATHY which is based on Original Homoeopathic Principles, we can completely eradicate the so-called incurable diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Allergies, Cancer, Aids etc.

With compliments from :-

Dr. Jayasukh V. Mehta

Spirit India