Law of Similia is a part of the infallible Universe

Let us be mindful that more than two century’s reality and actuality proves that homoeopathy is an infallible science of medicine and blossoms as do many other therapies. It did not, it does not and it will not fade away, on account of any hard test of time, as it stands on firm rock of demonstrable facts and it does not need explanation for demonstrable facts and it does not need far fetched theoretical explanations for every prescription as this is based on infallible ‘LAW OF SIMILA’.

2. ‘LAW OF SIMILA1 is ‘THE CONSTANT”. Universe owes to it its existence. The fact is that what exists under the Sun is a part of the TOTAL UNIVERSE. Thus human being is a part of the TOTAL UNIVERSE. As such we reach whole through part. Thus we have to encircle outermost periphery of the circle of the Sun. Next the Earth, next part of the Earth and next first general region i.e. latitude & longitude (also altitude) and consider its surroundings in relativity to geography, atmosphere, society i.e. family, profession, age and form of body (sex) and its functions at-ease and in disease. Thus living human being is a starting point and spirally reaching the beginning of spiral starting from the Sun covering the whole Universe.

3. There is nothing which is universally ABSOLUTE but it is the temporary existence inertia as a result of relativity/motion due to transfer/process which is unending. Thus “LAW OF SIMILA” is in action which is constant. It is a ‘MOTION’ which is responsible for that action i.e. energy which has no beginning and no end i.e. ETERNAL. It is a transfer of energy. Considering, ‘Law of Relativity’, its relation to the Sun from where energy is transferred. What is happening in the Sun also happens within the part of the Universe i.e. including the human being. Therefore we may feel and observe accordingly.

a. Transfer of energy; according to,
b. Law of motion; and in light of,
c. Law of Simila.

4. There is constant motion in the Sun and talking in terms of nuclear science, constant fusion of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen i.e. from inertia to motion. In the living human being same process goes on. This is ‘Homoeostasis1 – balancing of forces.

5. We all understand this in terms of ‘Vital Force1, Vital Principle’, ‘Spirit Like Force’/ etc, etc. In fact it may be called that it is an “energy” eternal, constant, no end and no beginning. It is what we perceive during “mutation” / process of transfer in a form or abstract but has to be there subconsciously as expressions symptoms subjective or objective. Homoeopathic materia medica consists of anything and everything that may be found in the Universe specially reference to the ‘laws’ already explained in the preceding paragraphs. The living human being himself epitomizes the ‘UNIVERSE’ and nothing in the Universe, therefore, can be said to be UNRELATED TO HIM. It is his business to find out the indications for the use of the substances at his command and the method in which they are to be prepared and applied some of them he has discovered in the substances thus rescued from the unknown, constitutes materia medica as developed upto date and adding by never ending experiments under ‘Law of Simila’ as the Master Hahnemann did.

Field of practice of medical art is similarly spiral as described previously. From centre to periphery or from start of spiral to its end. Symptoms of the ‘sick as a whole’ mental, physical, subjective or objective is a part leading processively toward the sick as whole depending upon our knowledge of materia medica, repertory and clinical experience. The homoeopathician can’do with self confidence if he has studied materia medica with special reference to the knowledge of bio-function, chemistry, physiology, anatomy etc. To pick up a thread of understanding as to how common symptoms/expression have been came into existence totally different from the strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms which belongs to the’sick1 and leads to establish the individuality of the sick as a whole’ and a ‘remedy as a whole1 Which might be missing on case taking.

It is an infallible, fact that the ‘LAW OF SIM1LA1 is a part of infallible ‘UNIVERSE1 and it application in sciences of medicine is infallible. However, the afore-said analogy is required to be borne in mind by a practitioner of the science of medicines while putting the ‘Law of Simila’ into action.

In conclusion all above, stated is “thought process” which helps the practitioner to form his own method of case taking, for given case of any disease to be combated with help of sciences auxiliary to medicine.

Dr. J.V. Mehta, New Delhi

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