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Homeopathy is not a matter of rituals — giving the remedy Arnica for injuries and Belladonna for fever. Such routinism homeopathy won’t tolerate. Homeopathy is not a substitute for allopathy. Again, homeopathy is not just another system like Ayurveda, Rei-Kei, herbal etc. Then what is homeopathy?

When and where other systems fail, homeopathy comes in. In other words, homeopathy is a specialization, as the following case would show:

A middle aged patient came in and asked if I can give him some relief for pain in his anal region where he had been suffering for a few months with boil like eruption.

First he went to allopathy, then Ayurveda.

Again, to a homeopath who said he would give Silicea in low potency to make the abscess ripen and suppurate out. It worked. But in two weeks time it reappeared.

He went to a somewhat senior homeopath, who said he would abort it and so gave high dose of Hepar sul. The eruption subsided. But three weeks later it reappeared.

He was then referred to a Specialist who said he would give a remedy to “eradicate the tendency to recurrence of boils” and gave Graphites. Patient had relief this time also and he thought that the story was over once for all, because this time he was treated by a specialist!

A month later the same old story.

At this time he came to me. I told him I may not be able to give medicine at once (off-hand prescription) and that I needed a few hours. I asked him to tell me from the very beginning ever since he first had the skin complaint.

He told me that his skin complaint first appeared five years ago around his mouth. For this he took allopathy and got relief.

A year later it appeared on his left upper arm — the same eruption. This time allopathy failed and so he went to an Ayurvedic doctor whose medicines gave relief.

About two years later the same complaint appeared on his right hip. He went to a doctor and got cured.

One and a half years after this, it appeared on his left nates. This time he took allopathy and got relief but six months later it reappeared on the anus.

It was at this time one homeopath after another treated him, first to suppurate it out, then the second homeopath aborting it and finally a specialist eradiating the tendency.

CASE REPERTORISATION: In this case the only available peculiar or uncommon symptom is the “direction of appearance.”

From left upper arm it goes to right hip
(left upper, right lower)

From right hip it goes to left nates
(upper right, lower left)

Though “sides of the body” is the least valuable symptom, since no other more valuable symptom was available in this case, this was taken as a matter of exception. (Page 1400 of Kent’s Repertory)–GENERALITIES–SIDE–CROSSWISE.

LEFT UPPER AND RIGHT LOWER–a big list of remedies

Remedies common to the above two lists were taken out and read in Boericke’s Mat. Medica.

While doing so, the words “Mouth and anus chiefly affected” found in the remedy Muriatic Acid seemed to suit the patient. (Originally it appeared around mouth. Now finally it is in anus).

Muriatic Acid-1000, single dose, completely cured him.

It is now more than ten years and there is no relapse. His general health too improved.

(The Homeopathic Physician versus Symptom Coverer: A CASE FOR “ROUTINIST versus EXPERT”)

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