Diabetes :: Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder which has been recognised for thousands of years but which is still only partially understood.

Alcoholism :: Drinking and Alcoholism treatment

The Diagnostic and Statistical manual of the American Psychiatric Association (1968) defines alcoholism as drinking that chronically interferes with physical, personal or social functioning.

Smoking :: Quit smoking homoeopathic way on no tobacco day

In the present days of Drug addiction and Abuse menace, Smoking, though considered to be a sort of minor vice, nevertheless can be the beginning also in the form of an entry to some other major vices leading to other addictions. Smoking, the act of inhaling the fumes from a burning substance, usually tobacco.

Homoeopathic approach in management of Diabetes Mellitus – 3

Of course the homoeopathic system of therapeutics has certain limitations in the treatment of this disease especially IDDM due to the nature of the disease but it is quite effective in the management of early NIDDM and limiting the complications due to Diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes :: Homoeopathic approach in management of Diabetes Mellitus – 1

Diabetes mellitus is a clinical syndrome known since 1500 B.C. Sushruta had also described this condition in 400-500 B.C. It is characterized by hyperglycemia due to relative or absolute deficiency of insulin Lack of Insulin whether absolute or relative affects the metabolism of carbohydrate protein fat water and electrolytes.

Diabetes :: Diabetic gangrenous foot – Sulphuric Acid, Arsenic Album

Mr. J.M. from East Africa came to me with post surgical large wound of the right foot. The First metatarsal and second metatarsal bone?s head being exposed and infected. The third toe being gangrenous (totally black) and the surrounding skin with thick gangrenous margin. The third toe totally gangrenous and rest of wound with secondary infection. I did start with homeopathic medicine Ars. Alb. 1000 3 hourly but the surgery was to be designed to my choice. The decreased vascularisation improved within 48 hours as per Non- Visualising Doppler study.

Diabetes :: Diabetic great toe – Arsenic Album

Mr. A.H.Q., aged 70 years, came with the great toe amputation at South Africa of his right foot with the H/O Cardiac By-pass Surgery. The Cardiac by-pass Surgery was done as preparation for the amputation of the great toes and finally go for B/K amputation. In fact the blood circulation was poor all over.

Diabetes :: Diabetic foot (gangrene) is curable

We Homoeopaths have been claiming about curing the diseases among ourselves since ages, but conveniently forgetting how to convince the other school of science i.e. allopathic world now claiming to be a modern science. This modern science with the help of other pharmaceutical companies and the world of electricity along with other measures like C.T. SCAN, MRI, 2-D, ECHO including angiography proving themselves as a part of their own world whereas it is totally false.

Vital Force in terms of Indian Mythology

In Homoeopathy, the concept of Vital Force is most important. If a homoeopathic physician has clear concept of the Vital Force, it is my belief that he will perform his duty as a preserver of health with greatest zeal, and the importance of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR and the single, simple and minimum will become very clear to him. In that case he will not be liable to be tempted by the attractive combinations and shortcut formulas.

Plague, the black Death and Homoeopathy

The term Plague was applied indiscriminately in the past to all fatal epidemic diseases, but now it has been restricted to an acute, infectious, contagious disease of rodents and humans. This is caused by a short, thick, gram-negative bacillus, Yersinia pestis, formerly known as Pasteurella pestis.

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