Eczema :: Hands eczema – Antimonium Crudum

Mr. J.C. B. an employee of the Railways came to consult me for his eczema on 22.3.66. The eczema covered his both hands – Palmer aspect more than the dorsal. It was increasing towards the wrist.

This gentleman has had all sorts of treatment including the homoeopathic without permanent benefit. He told me that so far he had spent Rs. 2000 but no permanent benefit occurred to him. He brought one 10 cc phial of Graphites 200 (Madaus) one drop of which he was taking every 4th day according to the advice of a local homoeopathic doctor. Since there was no benefit by Graphites, I decided to discontinue it and advised him not to take any medicine for a week and than come to me for examination.

He came back on 29.3.66 I prescribed for him 1 dose of Ant. Crud. 1000 to be taken at bed time and ordered Sac Lac for 7 days. I may incidentally mention that when I was working as House Physician in the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital, I came across a similar case of eczema in an old person where I obtained complete cure by prescribing Ant. Crud. 1000.

On 5.4.66 the patient came back and reported that itching is less. Sac Lac was given for a week.
On 12.4.66 he reported further improvement. Sac Lac was continued.
On 31.4.66 another dose of Ant. Crud. 1000 was given as the patient did not report any further improvement. On 27.4.66 his both hands cleared up completely from eczema.

I referred to Chapter on Ant. Crud in Kent’s Materia Medica and W.M. Boericke’s.
I found that in Antim Crud whatever the trouble the centre is the stomach. Sulphur is complementary to Ant. Crud. Graphites is very similar as both have honey coloured exudates. Like Sulphur it has eruption with burning and itching which is worse at night when warm in bed.

I have used Ant. Crud. 1000 in 3 other cases of Ch. eczema. Following the administration of the single dose diarrhoea followed in 2 cases which stopped automatically. Was it due to the action of Ant. Crud ? Is there any truth in the popular notion that Hakims used to give julab for curing cases of skin diseases ? It remains to be added that in both the cases in which diarrhoea followed the administration of 1 dose of Ant. Crud. 1M, there was marked improvement in the eczematous conditions.

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  1. Dear sir, what are the mechanism of actions of the homeopathic medicines in different potencies in the human as well as animal body? Are there any clinical scientific evidences? If yes, please write. Thank you, Regards, Deb

  2. Where do you find antim crud 1000? I’m unable to find it via the Internet or in my town. The 1000 strength is unavailable. Please help!


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