Eczema :: Skin eczema – Petroleum

In the homeo doctors’ meeting on a Sunday evening one doctor asked what is the best remedy for eczema because he has been treating a 58-year old person with ten years eczema and he tried Sulphur, Psorinum, Graphites etc. etc. with no results.

Five days after the above doctors meeting (where everybody was discussing about “remedies for eczema” and not “remedies for patients” on uncommon symptoms) I happened to be in the clinic of the doctor who asked for “the best remedy for eczema.” At this time, the patient with eczema (whose case was discussed in the previous Sunday evening doctors meeting) came to see the doctor.

After the patient has told his symptoms (that there is no relief with the medicines prescribed by that doctor last time) the doctor gave some medicines.

After receiving them and paying his fees the patient remarked, “Doctor, I am not taking medicines with a desire to get well. I am now 58 and am going to retire from service in two years. Before I die, I would like to see that my daughter gets married to a decent boy and my only son settles in life by getting a good job; then I may die in peace”.

At this time, I asked that doctor whether he has prescribed Petroleum to this patient because this last words told by the patient agrees with the symptom “Feels that death is near and must hurry to settle affairs” which is found under the remedy Petroleum in Boericke’s Materia Medica.

On my suggestion the above doctor asked me how long the patient should take Petroleum and to be continued for how many days. I advised to give one dose only and no repetition.

Petroleum 1M cured the patient completely as confirmed by the doctor (when I saw him later) and by the patient.

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