Dietary Supplement :: Charantea Ampalaya Capsules and Charantea Ampalaya Tea by FullLife Natural Options seized

U.S. Marshals seized approximately $71,000 of goods from FulLife Natural Options, Inc., which marketed and distributed Charantea Ampalaya Capsules and Charantea Ampalaya Tea.

Although these products are labeled as dietary supplements, they are being promoted by FulLife for use in treating serious conditions, such as diabetes, anemia, and hypertension.

These claims are evident in the products’ labeling, including promotional literature and FulLife’s Internet Web site.

FDA considers these products to be unapproved new drugs because they make claims related to the prevention or treatment of diseases in the products’ labeling. Before a new drug product may be legally marketed, it must be shown to be safe and effective, and approved by FDA. This action protects consumers who may rely on unapproved products and unsubstantiated claims associated with these products when making important decisions about their health.

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