Stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements

Stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements

Editorialists responding to three articles on vitamin and mineral supplementation being published in Annals of Internal Medicine urge U.S. adults to stop wasting their money on dietary supplements. The authors … continue reading

Dietary Supplement :: Significant Advances in Dietary Supplement Research Highlighted in 2006 Annual Bibliography

Studying the risks and benefits of dietary supplements has always posed unique challenges to researchers. To potentially support conclusive recommendations, these studies must enroll thousands of people and follow them for years. Additionally, as dietary supplements are regulated as foods, products can be sold without demonstrating efficacy.

Prostate Cancer :: Diet and medications may assist prevention of prostate cancer

Recent investigations of medications, diet and the molecular understanding of prostate cancer are defining potential prevention strategies for the disease, and herald a new stage in the management of this cancer, according to a new review.