Diabetes :: Easter is a feast ? even for diabetics

Chocolate bunnies and candy eggs, roast lamb and gateaux on Sunday ? the Easter holidays are a feast of tempting delights. Can I join in or do I have to refrain from enjoying myself?

That is the question that, more than on normal days, diabetics have to ask themselves during the holiday season. It?s still widely believed that diabetics must not eat sugar at all. However, the ban on sugar for diabetics is now obsolete.

It is now known that small quantities of sugar do not negatively affect the metabolism, provided that they are taken into consideration in the total carbohydrate balance.

That does not mean that diabetics can indulge without restraint. The basic rule for diabetics is that they can enjoy in moderation. In practice, that means savoring small quantities, and not too often. This is particularly important when the tasty treats contain not only sugar but also lots of fat. Overweight individuals in particular should exercise restraint here. In many cases, however, the taste buds can be tantalized without sugar and fat. For example, strawberry tart is just as delicious as chocolate cream cake, but has far fewer calories. Those who plan on baking their own cakes can also achieve a great deal by just adapting the recipes slightly. Baking with a third less sugar generally tastes just as good, while one to two tablespoons butter less likewise does not reduce the enjoyment.

Additional support comes from blood glucose self-testing before and after the consumption of seasonal treats. This allows diabetics to quickly find out for themselves what and how much they can eat without causing the blood glucose level to rise too high. This knowledge allows insulin-dependent diabetics to adapt the insulin dosage to their carbohydrate consumption and thus make sure that their blood glucose levels are well balanced.

The BREEZE and CONTOUR blood glucose meters from Bayer HealthCare allow diabetics to quickly, safely and simply determine their blood glucose levels for themselves. One particular advantage of these devices is that they do not have to be manually encoded by the user. Bayer Healthcare?s blood glucose meters are encoded automatically and thus provide reliable readings.

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