Do not overeat in order to please others

If you are a people-pleaser who strives to keep your social relationships smooth and comfortable, you might find yourself overeating in certain social situations like Super Bowl watch parties.

A new study from Case Western Reserve University found that, hungry or not, some people eat in an attempt to keep others comfortable.

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Dinner :: Dinner in 20 minutes

Working parents and their children can sit down to a nutritious dinner 20 minutes after arriving home by following three simple steps: Plan, Prepare and Participate. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, associate professor of dietetics at the University of Arkansas, offers practical advice to make meal preparation easier and more satisfying, including instructions for her proven-popular spinach quesadillas.

Trans Fat :: More than 80 percent of NYC restaurants now using fry oils with 0 grams trans fat

Facing a July 1 deadline, most restaurants have already eliminated artificial trans fat in oils used for frying, a new Health Department survey shows. The agency reported today that 83% of restaurants were not using artificial trans fat for frying as of June 1 ? a full month before the new regulation will take effect.

Weight Loss :: The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy by Dr. Harry Preuss

A Georgetown medical professor cuts through hype surrounding weight-loss supplements with new science-based guide.

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