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We have presumed that Diabetes is incurable. You can only control it with medicine along with diet. I want to elicit few cases through which I can say that Diabetes is curable by properly given Homoeopathic Treatment. One has to follow Hering’s Law of Cure and each case should be considered individually without any prejudice.

Case 1

A 65yr. old female patient presented with complaint of ulcer in left leg with oozing for the last 9yrs. On inspection, it was a deep punched out ulcer and I had to hold my breath during inspection, as the discharge was so offensive. There was difficulty in movement.

Onset – h/o fracture of left leg 9yrs. back. Eruptions appeared after removal of plaster, which progressed, to the present condition.
Past History – k/c/o hypertension since?
K/c/o diabetes mellitus since 7 years. Taking Insulin for a quite long time.
H/o paralytic stroke on right side in 1993.
Family History – Father is suffering from asthma
Mother died of CA stomach.
One elder brother died of T.B. and an elder brother died of cancer 5yrs. ago.
Obstetric History – She conceived 25yrs. after marriage and has a son. Menopause at the age of 52yrs.

She is a hot patient and likes sweets++ and cold drinks++. Her appetite, thirst, urine and stool are normal.
She has expressive anger++. She repeats what she has said many times; as told by her son. She is fastidious++.
I observed that she had sparse hair. She told that this was from the beginning.

Based on her past history, family history, obstetric history and the present pathological state with offensive discharge and destruction, Syphilinum 0/1 was prescribed for 1 week on 19/08/2002.

She reported back after 1 week with mild relief in the pain. Medicine was repeated for 2 weeks. B.P. was normal.

After 2 weeks she reported with much relief and discharge was less offensive as told by her family members and also noted by me.

Medicine was repeated. She was on rubrum for a pretty long time. She did not visit me for two months. On 24th August 2003 she came again. She told that she had one hypoglycemic episode last week. I prescribed a dose of Medorrhinum 30. Medo. is complementary of Syphillinum and has extreme conditions. Now the wound is totally healed. But there was lot of itching on the affected area. After giving enough time to her Genes to clean themselves I prescribed a dose of Sulphur 30 on 20th November 2003.

She is feeling much better. Her blood pressure and sugar is under control. She is still under treatment.

Case 2

Mr. S came to me on – With recently raised Blood Sugar Level. He had lost 6 Kgs. of wt in the last two months. Since his Father was a known diabetic and was Insulin dependent He was really worried. In fact he had visited me one year before also. He was suffering from itching eruptions at that time and there was no diabetes. Since there was no relief in two weeks time, he switched over to Allopathy. After successfully recovered from skin problem he came to me with Diabetes. I told him clearly that your Skin Ailment has taken inward turn and you can not be cured without suffering again with the same skin problem. Now he was ready to cooperate. I started again with Sulphur 0/1. Nothing happened. In the meantime his marriage was settled. I think his Diabetes was not told to the in-laws. He started developing that anxiety and guilt. About a week before his marriage I prescribed him Arg. Nit. 30. During his Honeymoon in Katmandu his rash appeared again. He called me on phone about the development. I asked him to celebrate without Wine. After this development his Blood Sugar level came down to Normal. But he had to suffer from severe itching and lot of discomfort for a very long time. But I think this was a better bargain. He is still on Rubrum Met. and is fine.

Comments: Mr. S is a very careless person. Although he belongs to a well educated family, but he is least bothered about his clothes. He is an Alcohol addict. He has sparse hair. Strong family history of Diabetes shows Syphilitic Miasm behind his condition. His Father is also an alcohol addict. My study says that alcoholics produce progeny with syphilitic miasm. They can suffer from any life threatening illness and on deeper level they may have suicidal tendencies. His passion for alcohol shows Sycotic Miasm. Arg. Nitricum covers all the miasms.

Case 3

Mr. A.J. aged 36yrs. came to my clinic on 9th March? 2001, due to sudden loss of weight. He had been visiting my clinic for the treatment of his wife for secondary sterility. He complained of sudden loss of weight and increased thirst+++. His wife was 6months pregnant after suffering from secondary sterility for 12 years.
Anticipating that he was anxious about this precious pregnancy, I gave Bryonia30/ 1 dose. This was based on my interpretation of his anxiety as Fear of Poverty. He was advised to get his blood sugar checked. Blood sugar fasting as on 11/3/2001 was 362 and PP was 521.
On 26/3/2001 Bryonia 30/1 dose was repeated followed by placebo.
On 26/3/2001 BSPP was 440. By 9/4/2001 BSF had come down to 265 and BSPP to341. Placebo was given.
On 9/5/2001 BSF was 189 and the weight had become stable. He is feeling much better overall. Placebo was given.
He is still under my treatment and sugar is under control and he is feeling energetic. We see that this FEAR OF POVERTY at the psyche level triggered imbalance at the hormonal level and was corrected by the remedy targeted at the root cause, curing the person as a whole gently.

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