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Infertility :: Role of Homeopathy in Male Infertility

Failure by a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. Vital statistics has shown 40% of infertility cases having an abnormality of Male Factors…which is important in Spermatogenesis.

a) Requires 72 to 74 days for germ-cell maturation i.e. Spermatognia to spermatozoa.
b) Most efficient GENESIS at 34 centigrade (93.2 farenheight)
c) Within the somniferous tubules, cells of sertolli sustain and regulate the sperm maturation
d) Leydig’s cells produce TESTOSTERONE
e) Fructose secreted by seminal vesicles shows patency of ejaculatory ducts.

Causes of Infertility…. AZOOSPERMIA
1. Obstruction i.e. Varicocele
2. Congenital absence of Vas Deference
3. Primary Testicular Disorder

1. Obstruction.

a) Varicocele
Definition: A cystic accumulation of blood in the spermatic cord. It is a most common anatomical abnormality of the veins, especially Pampiniform plexus. Varicocele is mostly found in left sided where Spermatic vein empties in the left renal vein. In short varicocele causes insufficient drainage of the blood from the testes that causes excessive Pooling of the blood resulting into higher intra-scrotal temperature.

b) Ejaculation
Very rarely retrograde ejaculations occur into the urinary bladder in case of…
1) Diabetes mellitus
2) Hodgkin’s disease (prior to retroperitoneal dissection)
3) Prostectomy
4) Neurological dysfunction

Semen Analysis:
? Abstinence of 3 to 4 days is very essential
? Usually 2-3-4 ejaculates should be examined
? Semen should be obtained by Masturbation in a clean sterile glass jar from the lab
? Patient having difficulty in getting samples by masturbation should use SILASTIC CONDOMS – which is free of lubricant and chemical toxins
? Liquification should be at room temperature within 20-30 minutes

NB: The following parameters should be observed carefully:
? Volume (ejaculate) 2-6 ml
? Viscosity..within one hour, liquefaction should take place
? Appearance Gross and Microscopic
? Gross: Opaque or cream coloured

a) 1 to 3 WBC / HPF
b) pH .7to8 (alkaline)
c) Motility (at 1-3 hr) more then 50%
d) Sperm count…. More then 20 million / ml
e) Linear sperm velocity. Clinical correlation of velocity is Unclear.

Morphology Evaluation of sperm structure:
o Male Sperm Factors: 40%
o Ovulatory Dysfunction: 20%.
o Cervical Factors: 05%
o Abnormal Tubal Function: 30%.
o Un-Identified Factors: 05%

Intrinsic Factors:
Be Careful in taking history.
(Relation of one or both of the testes in the abdominal cavity)
o CRYPATRCHID: A person with un-descended Testis.

Extrinsic Factors:
o Exposure to Industrial or Environment Toxins
o Excessive Heat Exposure.
o Acute illness
o Prolonged Fever
o Recreational drug use
o Alcohol intake
1) Anabolic Steroids
2) Exposure to Di-ethyl –
o Stilbesterol
o Inadequate length of Abstinence Prior to analysis.

– Decreased Testicular Volume
– Prostatitis
– Hypospadias
– Varicocele.


After understanding the above stated causes, now you can apply the knowledge of Homeopathy to the disease condition of the patients.

Homeopathy is entirely different in approach from most medical care system based upon a Law of similars in a healthy person will cure the same set of symptoms. In every case, Homeopath looks at everything that is going on in the patient’s life based upon a “totality of symptoms”, Homeopath is covering all the aspect of positive, negative, emotional, sentimental and latent, (suppressed) sides of Personality.

Increases day by day Why? Ask the Homeopath !!! He will explore the Root cause a latent psora! & destructive syphilis.
Homeopathically, Nux Vomica has proved its par excellence in Oligospermia, According to me, I am administering mostly NUX Vomica, to most of my Patients. “Bed-effects of Coffee, Tobacco, Alcoholic stimulant, highly spiced or seasoned food, over-eating. Long continued mental over exertion, sedentary Habits, Loss of Sleep.
ACCORDING TO BOERICKE: Mild: Very Irritable, Sensitive to all impression, ugly malicious, cannot bare noises, odors, light etc.
ACCORDING TO NASH: For very particular careful, zealous person, inclined to get excited and angry or of a spiteful, malicious disposition.

All these great Authorities have clearly drawn the picture of present condition in their observation medicines are as follows.
1) AGNUS CASTUS: by relieving mental depression, it corrects the desire and improves the functional impotence.
2) ANACARDIUM ORIENTALIS: Dual personality – Lacking self confidence with severe depression associated with impaired memory
3) ARGENTUM NITRICUM: Very Apprehensive – > from the first night of marriage, fearful and nervous, “Erection fails when coition attempted”.
4) CALADIUM: Excellent for smokers & Tobacco chewers. Increases the sperm count rapidly, in smokers.
5) CONIUM MAC: Testicular injury Hydrocele, Varicocele, orchitis effects of suppressed sexual appetite
6) DIOSCORIA: Suits very well to TEA – DRINKERS.
7) PHOSPHORIC ACID: Excellently giving results in Oligo-asthenospermia Increases the motility of sperms. Increases the Acrosomal Activity of the Sperm Infertility
8) TITANIUM: Too early ejaculation.
9) TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: A very good medicine for patient at mid 40’s having a partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age.
10) LYCOPODIUM: Proved its great value in sexual dysfunction – Acquired and situational very effective in * Premature ejaculations!
11) TINOSPORA CARDIFOLIA (2X): Proved its great value in ANTI-SPERM, ANTI BODY positive cases.

These are the quick tour on MALE – INFERTILITY THERAPUTICS. But above all well selected constitution Remedy is the only answer to case of infertility.

Dr Nikunj Trivedi D.H.M.S.
(Gold Medallist)
1st Floor. ” Shanti Niketan”,
Ishwar Petlikar Marg,
Nr, Gopal Cinema, Anand.
Phone: 259228 FAX: +91-02692-259 271
Web Site: articlinic.com

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi

Infertility :: Role of Homeopathy in Male Infertility
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  1. Fahad khan :

    I am 31 yr old i am suffering low semen volume discharge & low sperm count suggested me homeopathic drug
    i have no any addiction habit

  2. Dr S.K.Vishwakarma :

    My yonger brother is 40 years old.sperm count – Nil during 10 years.plz suggested Homoeopathic medicine.

    I have no any addiction habit.

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