Weight Loss :: Refunds for Consumers Who Purchased CortiSlim or CortiStress

Until October_27, 2007, the Federal Trade Commission will be accepting refund requests from consumers who bought CortiSlim or CortiStress. The FTC alleged that CortiSlim was advertised with false and unsubstantiated weight loss claims and that CortiStress was advertised with false and unsubstantiated disease prevention claims.

The FTC’s settlement with the marketers of CortiSlim and CortiStress included money for consumer refunds. The amount of the refund will depend on the number of consumers who request refunds.

Consumers who bought CortiSlim or CortiStress between August 1, 2003, and May 31, 2006, can request a refund either by downloading a claim form at www.CortiSlimsettlement.com or by calling 1-800-560-6532 to receive a claim form by mail.

Consumers must complete and sign the claim form and mail it back to the Claims Administration Center at the address shown on the claim form by October 27, 2007.