Norovirus :: Don’t eat oysters purchased from Bridgeport Seafood in Tiverton

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) advises consumers not to eat any oysters purchased from Bridgeport Seafood in Tiverton.

On May 17, 2007, the Food and Drug Administration notified the Departments of Environmental Management that a sample of oysters collected from Bridgeport Seafood was positive for norovirus and other evidence of sewage contamination.

An investigation by the Departments of Health and Environmental Management revealed that the oysters were harvested from uncertified shellfish waters by a single harvester that sold all his shellfish to Bridgeport Seafood. When selling the shellfish to Bridgeport Seafood, the harvester affixed a tag indicating that they were harvested from certified waters.

HEALTH has embargoed all shellfish that were collected by this harvester and is in the process of contacting establishments that purchased shellfish from Bridgeport Seafood.

Shellfish harvested in certified waters are safe to consume.

Norovirus infection can cause symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Severe illness or hospitalization is uncommon. Infected persons usually recover in 2 to 3 days without serious or long-term health effects. Symptoms occur 1 to 2 days after swallowing contaminated food or water. Good personal hygiene (proper and frequent handwashing) and staying home when you are sick are the best ways to prevent the spread of norovirus. No illnesses have been reported at this time.

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