Warmth and Aggravation from Warmth

Are covered by the following eighteen remedies:

APIS, Ant. t., Bry., Dulc., Dros., Graph., Ipec., Lach., Lyc., Mer.,
Nat. mur., Phos., PULS., Secale, Sulph., Sepia, Verat. and Zinc.

Your leaders will be:

Apis, where there is general condition of warmth and aggravation
from warm room. The chill and headache are worse from warmth.

Pulsatilla is too warm, with great internal heat; aggravation from
warm room and warm food; from heat of stove, with general aggravation of
all complaints from heat.

Secale, cannot bear heat, will throw off all covering; aversion to
heat; internal pains much aggravated by heat. Warm drinks aggravate the
coldness of stomach.

Antimonnium tart., the head is worse from warmth; cough is worse
from warm drinks; aggravation from getting warm in bed; drowsy from

Bryonia, head, face and chills are worse. Cough worse from warm
air and room.

Drosera, while always chilly, has < of cough; ulcers, and pain in long bones from warmth.Dulcamara, the cough, nettle rash and sneezing worse from warmth.Graphites, is worse from dry heat in the evening and night; itching is worse from heat of stove; toothache is worse from warmth.Ipecac, the heat aggravates the chill; worse from warm, moist, south winds.Lachesis, worse in warm spring weather (e. g., diarrhoea) and from warmth of bed; diarrhoea aggravated.Lycopodium has desire for open air; warmth < eruptions; warm room < cough and headache. Aversion to warm food (warm drinks > pain in
throat); longs for cold food although it < diarrhoea and cough.Mercurius, the external pains worse from warmth of bed; extremely sensitive to heat; headache, mumps, toothache, rheumatic pains and itching are worse.Natrum mur., is worse from heat of sun and in summer; cough and headache worse; toothache aggravated from warm food.Phosphorus, while cold, cannot tolerate heat near back; warm water causes toothache; warm food causes diarrhoea; warm drinks < cough; stomach is worse from heat; hands, face and arms become red from heat, and itching is worse.Sepia, general aggravation in warm room, warm climate, from covering; conjunctivitis and headache worse; breathing oppressed from warmth.Sulphur. Too warm. Throws off covers; < warm room, warmth of bed and heat of sun; headache, burning of feet and itching especially <.Veratrum has cough worse in warm room; neuralgia worse from warmth of bed; diarrhoea worse in warm weather.Zincum, complaints from becoming heated and getting cold; rheumatism from overheating; warm room aggravates headache.

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