Vitamin A :: Vitamin A linked to fracture risk

A new study has revealed that people with high levels of vitamin A were more likely to sustain a bone fracture. Previous work in animals has suggested that a high intake of vitamin A is linked to bone fragility, raising the risk of fractures.

Researchers in Sweden have now studied this hypothesis in humans, reports Health and Age.

A group of 2,322 men, aged between 49 to 51, had their retinol (vitamin A) and beta-carotene, a related substance, levels measured and were followed up for 30 years.

During this time, there were 266 fractures. Analysis revealed that it was the men with the highest retinol levels who had the greatest risk of fracture. There was no link between bone fracture and beta carotene levels.

In the light of this study, people should be cautious about taking supplements with high doses of vitamin A.

It may even be necessary to reconsider levels of vitamin A fortification within foods.


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