Tonsil :: Enlarged Tonsils and Homeopathy

Enlarged Tonsils – In children these are often cut out. There are instances in which I might admit it was necessary to cut them off, when there is a wonderful superabundance, creating much disturbance in swallowing and in speaking.

Two or three times I have absolutely failed to cure with remedies selected to the best of my ability, and they have gone to the surgeon and he has cut them off; but I believe these tonsils ought to be all cured.

One thing in Homeopathy taught in Hahnemann’s Organon is that unless there are symptoms to indicate the remedy, no great things should be expected from the administration of the remedy.

The enlargement of the tonsils alone is not a symptom upon which a remedy can be selected, and it necessitates guessing a dozen times, and perhaps not hitting at all. That is the worst sort of practice, guessing at a remedy; yet there are children having enlarged tonsils that appear to us without any symptom whatever to select a remedy by.

The symptoms to prescribe on are such as represent the patient, not the glands, not the changed tissue.

We must always regret that the surgeon must come in, for in cutting off anything it may be done to the constitutional detriment of the patient.

Yet there are things that have to be done that we know are to the constitutional detriment of the patient.

We have to keep servants on their feet to earn their living, and operations have to be performed upon them because they cannot lie up a year or two to be cured. The surgeon will always have a place with us, but let us do our part as physicians first.

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