The Curative Approach of Homoeopathy

The homoeopathic idea of “CURE” is of permanent restoration of healthy condition in human beings. The science of homoeopathic system of medicine is the most scientific & rational for therapeutic purposes for the treatment of diseases in human beings, because of its natural principles & naturalistic approach of homoeopathic laws.

The homoeopathic laws are derived & based on nature?s own laws of cure, hence they are universally applicable. The law of vital force, the law of similar, the law of similimum, the law of drug dynamization, the law of single remedy, Nature?s law of cure, the law of minimum, are the fundamental laws/principles of homoeopathy.

Whenever we apply these laws for curative effects & administer exactly required similimum remedy to individual patient according to his/her signs & symptoms the natural laws are satisfied & the nature starts obeying its duties of curative responses in individual sick person according to the power & the type of remedy administered. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathic system of medicine was a truly highly spiritual & holy physician of human being, who has served mankind & homoeopaths all over the world by giving the gift of “HOMOEOPATHIC SCIENCE” for the service of sick persons.

Just like the law of gravitational force of attraction of this planet earth, the law of conservation of energy, the law of magnetism, the law of repulsion between similar charges & attraction between dissimilar charges of atoms & magnets, the law of ?mass & energy? derived by famous scientist of the world, Albert Einstein i.e. E=mc2, the law of propagation of light & sound energies through the earth?s atmosphere &interplanetary, interstellar, intergalactic space & finally the laws of genetic engineering have not changed since the time immemorial, hence will remain unchanged in future also, likewise the homoeopathic laws also will never change & hence will remain unchanged in future also, because all homoeopathic laws are based on nature & fundamental laws of this nature.

The disease causing micro organisms & allergic contents are made up of atoms. Whenever a person with weak vitality comes in the contact of specific micro organisms & if this person is susceptible to that organism, he falls sick as a result of infection of that specific organism. Here we have to note the importance of the sequential incidences of individual person falling sick. In order to cure this individual sick person we should administer a similimum remedy, according to the signs & symptoms produced by that specific organism plus other existing signs & symptoms of that sick individual, in this way once we find out totality of symptoms in this individual person, then it becomes easy to apply similimum remedy & to select the strength also. As soon as we ask this sick person to consume the remedial dose & when he consumes the dose, his vital force receives this medicinal energy & starts acting instantaneously. Here we apply the law of similia similibus curentur. This law is the law of application of similar power for curative purposes in sick person, the law which powerfully produces a state of artificial diseased condition in the sick person in higher intensity as compared to the intensity of naturally occurred disease produced by micro organism & whenever such event happens in any sick person the low graded similar signs & symptoms are permanently extinguished by high graded energy of similimum remedy. Here we observe better condition of the sick individual & the poisonous effects of the natural disease start disappearing speedily. Here we can compare this situation with the law of repulsion between two similar charger of magnets & atoms [similarity between signs & symptoms of natural disease & artificially produced signs & symptoms of proved similimum remedy, where weaker similar force is permanently repelled by powerful similar force of similimum remedy.].Again we can compare this situation between laws of genetics, where the effects of dominant gene is observed in species, the effects of recessive gene is not observed, on similar background of genetics, here the powerful & dominating remedial power has to & must act according to the power of dominant gene & the recessive power of the natural disease has to & must remain unexpressed, just like the effect of recessive gene, dormant.

The laws of nature are applicable anywhere in the universe, hence in homoeopathy once the diseased states are annihilated by most similimum remedy & once the treatment in individual patient is completed & if that individual remains healthy & free of signs & symptoms for next five years the individual patient is said to be cured from his/her diseases.

In homoeopathy medicines are prepared by the processes of trituration & succussion, where the hidden & dynamic powers of crude form of substances are released. During this mechanism of potentization, the atoms of crude form of drugs are vigorously rubbed against the vehicle [ethyl alcohol or sugar of milk] in proportionate to time, to the quantity/volume of vehicles & quantity of sequential addition of the crude form of drugs. While doing such processes the electronic configuration of the crude form of drugs becomes excited[The electrons of the crude form of drugs/atoms are shifted to the stage of excitation/in the excited levels of electronic orbits] as a result of “ABSORBPTION OF ENERGY PRODUCED DURING THE PROCESS OF POTENTIZATION” & hence the diameters of electronic shells are increased & this stage of excitation of electrons is the most vital for the production of “HOMOEOPATHIC POTENTIZED MEDICINES” for dynamic action on human beings for therapeutic purposes as well as drug proving purposes. During this excited stage, dynamic powers of the crude form of drugs are at the stage of peak levels & are responsible for the “ENERGIZED MEDICINES OF HOMOEOPATHY” which is the peculiar & scientific method of preparation of homoeopathic medicines & Dr. Hahnemann was very much sure about its qualities. When the excited levels of electronic shells of crude form of drugs are completed at the end of process of potentization, the prepared medicine is numbered according to the scales of potentization e.g. decimal, centesimal or millicimal potencies. When the process of potentization is completed, the prepared medicine possesses the power, of very much similar as to that of vital force. Hence on the basis of the law of similia similibus curentur, the similimum remedy is administered to individual patient according his/her symptom totality, then the power of medicine becomes the power of individual patient.

Wiseful & dareful obeying the laws of homoeopathy laid down by Dr. Hahnemann for curative purposes is the fundamental need of patients.

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