Female Diseases :: Woman is a natural Aconite patient

The woman is a natural Aconite patient, with her sympathetic natural sensitiveness.

She usually takes on complaints from nervous shock, from fear, and she naturally takes on complaints from causes other than those from which men take on sickness.

It is very seldom that fear will give a man inflammation, but fear is a common cause of inflammation of the uterus, and of the ovaries, in plethoric, vigorous, excitable women.

Fear will often cause abortion, but when Aconite is given early enough it will check the abortion that comes from fear.

We will have the stitching, burning, tearing pains of Aconite sometimes following fear or sudden emotion.

Sometimes a pregnant woman will say, “Doctor, there is no use your planning for my confinement. I know I am going to die in that confinement.”

If there is any one thing that is a really strong symptom to prescribe on it is that. A dose of Acon., and then change the subject, she goes away, and in a few days you ask her about that fear and she says, “Oh, never mind that.”

Many little things like that can be singled out. But that state of fear is a very peculiar thing, and really represents the whole nature and being of the woman.

She predicts the day of her death.

The reason that Aconite is so often the infant’s remedy is because the infant is so often made sick from fright.

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