Stress :: Noise pollution linked to stress ? British Heart Foundation comments

A report in New Scientist looks at research linking noise pollution to premature death and illness. Ellen Mason, Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) says:

?Our world is undoubtedly getting busier and noisier. Some people find noise pollution more stressful to live with than others do. Noise cannot directly kill us, but it may add to our stress.

?Occasionally, stressful events can trigger a heart attack in someone with underlying heart disease. We also know that stressed people are more likely to eat unhealthily, exercise less and smoke more, and these can increase the risk of developing heart disease in the first place.

?Even if there was overwhelming proof that 3% of coronary heart disease deaths were due to noise pollution that would still leave 97% which are caused by the major risk factors such as obesity, smoking, and diabetes that we know can be reduced by changing your lifestyle.

?The BHF continues to fund vital work looking at whether stress can directly cause coronary heart disease to develop and if so how.?

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