Blood Pressure :: High blood pressure should not be ignored, says British Heart Foundation

In response to an article in The Lancet about risks associated with high blood pressure, British Heart Foundation Cardiac Nurse Judy O?Sullivan said:

?High blood pressure has long been identified as being a significant risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

?Unfortunately people are often unaware of having high blood pressure until it is picked up during a routine assessment. There are usually no symptoms and sadly in some people it?s not diagnosed until something as serious, and potentially fatal, as a heart attack or stroke occurs.

?That?s why it?s vital that people know what their blood pressure is and how they can reduce it if it?s high.

?People can help to keep their blood pressure under control by taking regular physical activity, reducing the amount of salt in their diet, keeping their weight, particularly around the waistline, within normal limits and some people may need to take medication as well.

?High blood pressure is just one risk factor for disease of the heart and circulation. Everyone over 40 years of age should talk to their GP or Practice Nurse about having a full risk assessment for heart and circulatory disease carried out.?

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