Skin Care :: Wrinkles and Daily Preventive Skin Care

Some daily measures for skin protection are as follows:

Don’t wash face too often with tap water. (Once a day is enough.) It strips the skin of oil and moisture. In addition, chlorinated water, particularly at high temperatures, poses special risks for wrinkles.

Wash the face with a mild soap that contains moisturizers. Alkaline soaps, especially with deodorant, should be avoided.

Pat the skin dry and immediately apply a water-based moisturizer.

Always apply sunscreen, even if going outdoors for short periods.

Avoid drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime. Alcohol increases the risk for leaks in the capillaries, which allows more water in and causes sagging and puffiness. Capillary leakage increases when one is lying down.

Lie on the back when sleeping. This helps offset the effects of gravity.

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