Skin Care :: Healthy Lifestyle reducing skin wrinkles

Needless to say, the best long-term prevention for overly wrinkled skin is a healthy lifestyle including the following:

Eat Healthily.

A diet with plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the use of healthy oils (such as olive oil) may protect against oxidative stress in the skin. In fact, a 2001 study reported that people over 70 years old had fewer wrinkles if they ate such foods. Diet played a role in improving skin regardless of whether the people in the study smoked or lived in sunny countries. Benefits from these foods may be due to high levels of anti-oxidants found in them.


Daily exercise keeps blood flowing, which brings oxygen to the skin, an important ingredient for healthy skin.

Reduce Stress.

Reducing stress and tension may have benefits on the skin.

Quit Smoking.

Smoking not only increases wrinkles, but smokers have a risk for squamous cell cancers that is 50% higher than nonsmokers’ risk. Smokers should quit to prevent many health problems, not just unhealthy skin.

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