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The resurfacing skin peel uses a combination of acids to remove skin layers. Depending on the result and condition on the skin there are different combinations of the acids used. The gradual release of the active principles and occlusive effect of the gel are the reasons why the peeling is so quick and intense and make Compositum Cold-Linked Gel a unique product, which is also particularly safe. There are 4 different combinations of the peels, none of which are suitable for Medium to Dark Asia skin or Afro-Caribbean skin as pigmentation damage may occur.

Compositum Base Peel
Indicated for skin rejuvenation with rapid recovery. Improved skin brightness and texture. This peel is extremely popular for refreshing the skin and leaving a smooth fresh looking complexion.

Compositum Acne Peel
To be used specifically for the treatment of active acne. This peel is for the use when acne is still active. It can not cure the live acne alone, however, used with medication a dramatic improvement can be experienced. A minimum of two peels spaced at least 10 weeks apart will be required for optimum results.

Compositum Macula Peel
This is specifically for reducing and removing various types of skin pigmentation marks. Often caused by sun damage, sometimes experienced after pregnancy. The only peel on the market with an active ingredient to suppress further pigmentation damage, which can be experienced with other peels.

Compositum Plus Peel
The intense action of this formula makes it ideal for advanced photo-ageing and helps reduce acne scarring. This treatment allows deep exfoliation. Fantastic results have been experienced with this peel. Slightly deeper than the other three in the range. If treating scaring, ideally a course of two peels minimum will be required.

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