Mountain Sickness – Carcinosin

A boy aged 24 years consulted me for his C/o travel sickness. He told me that whenever he used to travel especially in mountainous regions, he used to develop extreme giddiness with nausea and vomiting. Persistent queries revealed that he had no other physical complaint.

Renal Failure :: Renal Failure with Diabetes Mellitus – Carcinosin

Once I was called upon to treat an elderly man, aged about 70 years, suffering from CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE with DIABETES MELLITUS. On account of his ill health, he requested me to pay home visit. On entering his house, I found and admired the absolute orderliness in which the things were placed in his house. Minutest care had been taken to place the things and hence his FASTIDIOUSNESS immediately struck me.

Hypertension – Carcinosin

A Muslim lady, 75years old presented with the C/o Fluctuating Hypertension. She was very calm, silent lady with a delicate constitution. She also had the C/o severe constipation; she often used to pass stool at the interval of 8-10 days. Her husband had died due to Carcinoma of lung. Careful interrogation revealed that she used to keep all her emotions under the emotional wrapping and never allowed it to come to the fore.

Lymphadenopathy :: Cervical Lymphadenopathy – Carcinosin

Lean, thin emaciated female, aged about 19 years came to my clinic with the C/o swelling in the left side of the neck. The swelling was painful and was accompanied with fever, with evening rise of temperature. On examination, the swelling was found to be tender, regular in outline with smooth surface (TENDER CERVICAL LYMPHADENOPATHY).

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