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Pre-poll – Delhi Homeopathic Board Election 2012

“Voting has always been a dirty politics, please don’t do it in ‘Homoeopathy’ at least!!” says Dr Rakesh Saxena. I believe this is true. Do we need today’s politics in Homeopathy? Is there any need to politicize Homeopathy? I feel, we need to work together for the progress and upliftment of homeopathy in this 21st Century.

Why there is an election and usual propaganda of blaming others and justification of self? I think, we could not sit together and decide unanimously about our leaders those can help us, and govern the followers of this science in the state i.e. Delhi and NCR. Well, we are a democratic country and we need to follow the system.

This is my first write-up on some election campaign, so I seek apologies in advance for any mistake, mis-representation of facts or myths. I just wanted to confirm that this article is not having any kind of influence of any one, any candidate in election or any group. These are purely my observations and suggestions. If you have any response – suggestion, criticism, feedback, advice, etc., etc., please mention that under this article, and I would reply back surely.

Here you might feel some of my biased opinions because for the last 22 years of professional career in homeopathy I remained in touch with so-many teachers, seniors, colleagues and students that it may bound to happen that they might have acted in some way a building block in my life. I am thankful to all of them.

Regarding eight candidates, I am well acquainted with out-going members – Dr. K. K..Juneja, Dr. Aditya Kaushik, Dr. R. C. Agarwal and Dr. Raj.Kumar Sahota, and I feel this is obvious if you studied and practicing homeopathy in Delhi. And, I found them active and representing homeopathy well in Delhi State and NCR. They all being Board Members for long, I am sure you can appreciate them for many good establishments.

I met Dr. DK Bhardwaj first time during one of my lectures in Ludhiana a couple of years before and since then I found him a good person. I met Dr. Minie Mehta in meetings of Dr. Anupam Sethi Malhotra’s Homeopathic Cardiologists of India. She is an avid worker there. Rest 2 candidates of Dr. Bhardwaj’s Group – Dr. Suman Mohan and Dr. VP Singh – I think I never met them and have no knowledge about them.

Pre-poll system

Regarding the pilot-project on pre-poll for Delhi Homeopathic Board Election 2012, we have installed a digital system at www.spiritindia.com to choose maximum 4 members out of 8 candidates. They were listed alphabetically and in a manner as per their ballot numbers from 1 to 8. Visitors were having only one chance to vote as the IP address and the cookie installed in their browsers were logged.

I wanted to collect the results till the evening of 15th June, and in the evening I announced about this on Facebook. Immediately after this announcement we saw a mischievous activity, someone took the benefit of his computer knowledge and voted simply for Dr. Mini Mehta and tried to escalate the ranking only for her. Because of false voting we stopped the pre-poll system. A day before also we noticed and logged an IP address which voted for Dr. Bhardwaj’s group.

I am sure the Election Officer – Dr. RK Manchanda – would take necessary action to stop such malicious activities at the polling center.


Both groups campaigned for this election. They used Facebook as a digital medium. Campaigning at FB was not designed well. Some of candidates were posting only their name and ballot numbers repeatedly at various events and forums. Even they left behind their own group members. Some were active in some argumentative discussions.

I believe if they had raised burning issues related to homeopathy practice in Delhi state and NCR and would have debated well voicing their acumen and knowledge, they would have made a deeper impression in reader’s mind or perspective voter’s mind.

I have seen some anxiety in both groups related to Facebook presence. I feel we should not count the activities of Facebook or Twitter because the numbers of perspective voters are very less on FB in comparison to the actual voters those would go to cast their votes.

Personal contact / outreach program

Both groups are meeting their perspective voters. I noticed an amazing participation of each member of Dr. KK Juneja’s Group in this regard.

Group Dynamism

For any organization to succeed in any venture, I think unity amongst its members are essential.

As per this pre-poll voting, you can see almost equal votes to Dr. Juneja’s Group. They all are representing themselves as a group in their personal contact programs also.

But, as per this pre-poll you can see a wide difference in percentage of voting to each member of Dr. Bhardwaj’s Group. Moreover, I observed Dr. Bhardwaj and Dr. Mini promoting them individually many times on Facebook, and rest 2 members of his group are not having any word.

Pattern of Voting

We observed different patterns of voting. It was not for a group i.e. Dr. Juneja’s group or Dr. Bhardwaj’s group. Apart from voting for a particular group, we observed:

– Some voted serially from top to bottom

– Some voted for less than 4 members for a group i.e. this group or that group.

– Some voted for less than 4 members (as per their relationship with the candidates – belonging to any group)

I think both the parties have to work hard to make a stronger pattern of their ballot numbers in voter’s mind.

This is either 1356 or 2478, and a voter should cast votes to maximum 4 members of their group.

I don’t know about how the ballot paper is printed or if there is any electronic voting machine would be available on the polling day.

Analysis of voting

We have seen certain voters from Mumbai and Chennai also. So, for the correction of our analysis we removed these voters alongwith the person who tried to inflate the result of certain members.

BallotName% (approx.)
1Dr. Aditya Kaushik54
2Dr. DK Bhardwaj28
3Dr. KK Juneja51
4Dr. Minie Mehta44
5Dr. RK Sahota47
6Dr. RC Aggarwal50
7Dr. Suman Mohan20
8Dr. VP Singh18


Dr. Juneja’s Group – 50.5 % of Total Voters

BallotName% (approx.)
1Dr. Aditya Kaushik54
3Dr. KK Juneja51
5Dr. RK Sahota47
6Dr. RC Aggarwal50


Dr. Bhardwaj’s Group – 27.5 % of Total Voters

BallotName% (approx.)
2Dr. DK Bhardwaj28
4Dr. Minie Mehta44
7Dr. Suman Mohan20
8Dr. VP Singh18


22% Voters could not use their voting potential maximally.

If any group teaches these 22% voters to cast vote properly, then you may see a dramatic difference in result in either way.


As per above numbers, Dr. Bhardwaj’s group need approx. 12% of voters swing in their favour to have a success in this election. If voters cast vote properly then it would be around 25%.

Dr. Juneja’s group is already above 50%, and if voters cast their vote fully for 4 members of their group then they might have a big lead.



I would say right now Dr. KK Juneja’s group is clearly in a winning position.

Individually, Dr. Minie Mehta may see a bright light, from Dr. Bhardwaj’s group.



Can we duplicate the similar presence of voters physically at the polling center on 18th June?

There are 2973 voters to poll. If any group ensures nearly 1500 voters in their favour, I would say that group would be a winner. Well this seems to be an ideal situation.


Before going to vote, please ensure this:


Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal asked me to highlight the need of carrying Board’s ID card / Voter’s ID card for the identification and should know their Electoral Serial Number at Board’s site – http://www.delhihomeoboard.com/.


In the last

Please come at Delhi Homeopathic Board’s office on 18th June 2012, and vote to make a perfect Delhi Homeopathic Board to enhance the state of Homeopathy in Delhi and NCR

Enjoy your best health with homeopathy :-)


Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo)




Waiting for your responses .. .. ..

3 thoughts on “Pre-poll – Delhi Homeopathic Board Election 2012”

  1. My dear friends

    I just wanted to say that my analysis should not be used to defame any candidate or group.

    I wrote about the malicious activity on my site, but it does not directly link to the person or persons concerned. It was just a digital process and somebody knowledgable person proved himself, and I salute him.

    Please take certain suggestions and do the SWOT analysis to do the hard work to establish our homeopathic system firmly in 21st century. Board or Board members or Board Election would be meaningless if we farce our own people.

    My dear homeopathic fraternity members and brethern, please unite ourselves and work together to widen the perspective of our science.

    Once again please do not start another malicious activity by blaming each other. My analysis can be considered in a healthy manner.

    I wish all the best to all the candidates.

    Warm regards to everyone, and everyone is dear to me.

    Dr. Anil Singhal

    P.S. Please read the analysis again in the begining of the article I wrote and Dr. Rakesh Saxena apprehanded.


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