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There is a major concern about “Job Opportunities” in young homeopathic doctors. Every year nearly 250 homeopathic doctors are produced by 2 homeopathic colleges in New Delhi – NHMC and Dr. BR Sur, and 1 from NCR i.e. Bakson, and they all registered with Delhi Homeopathic Board. Moreover, more homeopathic doctors are registered in Delhi those passed out from other states and residents of Delhi, and some who migrated to Delhi.

Do we have these many jobs in homeopathy especially in government sector?

I spoke to 2 candidates of Delhi Homeopathic Board Election 2012. First one is Dr. D. K. Bhardwaj and second one is Dr. Aditya Kaushik. Both representing two groups of candidates.



There is a major concern about “Job Opportunities” in young homeopathic doctors, how you are going to handle this issue if your party is elected?


Dr. D. K. Bhardwaj:

“We shall try to have one third of all medical doctor jobs reserved for homeopathic doctors in Delhi Administration, MCD and other government bodies. This is my main aim and objective. We shall have some research center and would help young doctors to be independant so that they can also start their own private practice.”


Dr. Aditya Kaushik:

“I think we need to understand first the working area of the Delhi Homeopathic Board. We register homeopathic practitioners for Delhi state, we maintain register of registered homeopathic practitioners, and promote homeopathic medical science.

Directly we are not involved with employment, but yes with our personal contacts and efforts we get Dr Walia agreed prinicipally to have one homeopathic dispensary in each MLA constituency and it creates a great opportunity for jobs for young homeopathic doctors registered in Delhi.

With our influence we were able to create homeopathic jobs in MCD, NDPL, ESI and Ministry of Defence, and we are working with other departments to have more jobs for homeopathic doctors.

One important fact I would like to highlight that whenever vacancy of any post is published then they are not required registration of Delhi Homeopathic Board and not required registration with Delhi Employment Exchange. While the scenario is different in other states – you need to have regn. with that state board and employment exchange.

Our team is already working for this if there is any job vacancy is published then the candidate should have registration for Delhi Homeopathic Board, and should be registered with Delhi Employement Exchange. This would definately help to have jobs in Delhi for young homeopathic doctors.

I am sure our team would help to strenghthen the issue.”


What message you would like to give to young homeopathic doctors?

Dr. D. K. Bhardwaj:

“They should enhance their qualifications and must do MD in homeopathy.”

Dr. Aditya Kaushik:

“Homeopathy is perfect science and trust me they can do wonders in their private practice. Please join us on 18th June 2012 to have a perfect Delhi Homeopathic Board.”

6 thoughts on “Job opportunities and Delhi Homeopathic Board”

  1. with due respect i really appreciate the work of previous board members thatin last 20 years they worked hard to influence the govt. and create few jobs in MCD, NDPL, ESI and many others , though it wasnot under the working of the board.
    same way we from the new team are confident to take the courage to promote homoeopathic education and homoeopathic practitioners with more new and productive ideas.

    my request to the young doctors is to believe in yourself and remember any growth or change can be achieved by coming forward and joining hands together

  2. Actual publicity of homoeopathy is bringing forward the work of the learned, experienced,knowledgeable and successful homoeopaths in front of the society…… terms of most effective, gentle and cost effective treatment in the cases of various life threatening diseases. we will use all means of communication to spread the word.

  3. Dear Doctors,Come forward! Now time is in your hand to change the old pattern.Cast your vote to Dr.D.K.Bhardwaj


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