Evaluation of Bacillinum in tinea infection

Various modalities are available for the treatment of tinea infections in different systems of medicine. Bacillinum has been claimed in the treatment of tinea infections at different sites.1 To evaluate the efficacy of Bacillinum we used it, in different potencies, in different varieties of tinea.

Viability of Homeopathic treatment in case of tuberculosis

In 1991, New York City experienced an outbreak of MDR TB that eventually claimed more than 500 lives. Recently, a MDR TB outbreak in Russia has killed many more. WHO has recommended a new treatment method ‘DOTS’ (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) after the resurgence of the tuberculosis and increased incidence of drug resistant tuberculosis.

The Healthcare Division of Sintex International Limited

Started its Homoeopathic Plant with a sole motto of “PROVIDING BETTER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL AT A VERY LOW COST AND WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS”. With this aim the Company launched several homoeopathic products out of which Healwell Homoeopathic Kits have been introduced for first time in this country.

If Hahnemann Were Alive Today!

We all know Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as the founder of Homoeopathic System of Medicine. The whole concept of homoeopathy is based on the laws and doctrines propounded by him namely the Law of Similars, Minimum Dose, and Single Remedy, the doctrine of Potentisation, doctrine of Vital Force, Drug Proving, Individualisation and Miasms.

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