The Healthcare Division of Sintex International Limited

Started its Homoeopathic Plant with a sole motto of “PROVIDING BETTER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL AT A VERY LOW COST AND WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS”. With this aim the Company launched several homoeopathic products out of which Healwell Homoeopathic Kits have been introduced for first time in this country.

The present range of products encompasses:
? Healwell Homeopathic Kits
? Liquid formulations
? Cream ointments
? Cosmetic products
? A wide range of potency medicine in liquid form called as Dilutions.

To give brief description of the entire range please note the following:
We have eight varieties of Healwell Homoeopathic Kits such as:-

1. Healwell Home Kit
? Consists of 24 finest natural medicines packed in an elegant plastic box
? Treats more than 60 commonly occurring ailments like acidity, diarrhoea, cold, cough, muscular pain, backache, injuries, indigestion, headache, fever, colic, menstrual problems, etc.
? This Kits meets all your first-aid needs very conveniently and economically.
? Must for every housewife, who cares for her family members.

2. Healwell TRAVEL KIT
? Consists of 6 selected homoeopathic medicines packed in a handy, elegant, convenient, plastic box.
? It treats more than 15 commonly occurring ailments, especially during travelling like food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, motion sickness, cold, headache, fatigue, injury etc.
? Such Kit is a must for every traveller, tour operators, travel agency, business executives, hotels, transport corporations etc.

3. Healwell INJURY KIT
? Consists of 12 selected homoeopathic medicines, 6 medicines are in PILLS form, to be taken orally; 3 medicines are in LIQUID form, for local application; and 3 medicines are in CREAM & OINTMENT form – to be applied externally. It consists of General Antiseptic Cream, Ointment for burns & ointments for Musculoskeletal problems.
? It takes care for all types of injuries like cuts, wounds, sprains, muscular pain, burns, scalds etc.
? It is a must for every family, factory, school, shop, office, hotel, vehicle owner etc.

4. Healwell CHILD KIT
? Consists of 12 Homoeopathic formulations for growing children.
? Takes care of dentition problems, bed-wetting, colic, cold, cough, indigestion, diarrhoea, influenza disturbed sleep pattern, tonsillitis, abdominal worms and general strength & stamina.
? Offers safe, effective yet gentle healthcare.
? Helps to boost body’s own fighting force.

5. Healwell WOMAN KIT
? Consists of 6 best selected homoeopathic formulations to take care of low haemoglobin and all that periodical monthly problems of woman.
? It offers handy, safe, effective & non-hormonal treatment to help woman cope up with unpleasant symptoms associated with menstrual period.
? It assures days filled with comfort and smile during menstruation.
? An ideal health tool to rediscover the pleasure of womanhood.

For the first time Healwell has the distinction of introducing Healwell Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit in association with Department of Animal Husbandry , Government of Gujarat. The same can be useful to various common ailments in big and small animals especially dairy animals at a very low cost.

Consists of 12 medicines which are useful for some commonly occurring problems like Acidity, Cold, Cough, Constipation, Diarrohea, Headache, Injury, etc. for any age group – right from small children to very old people.

8. Healwell SCHOOL KIT
Consists of 11 medicines which are useful for commonly occurring problems like Cold, Cough, Colic, Diarrhoes, injury etc. for children from 3-15 years of age.

Liquid formulations
1. Healwell KOF SYRUP
2. Healwell LIV-UP SYRUP
4. Healwell DIGEST SYRUP

Cosmetic products
1. Healwell Arnicare Hair Oil
2. Healwell Sofskin Cream

Cream / ointments
1. Calendula Cream
2. Arnica Ointment
3. Thuja Cream
4. Rhux Tox Ointment
5. Boroheal Cream

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  1. Request for purchase of healwell veterinary homeopathic kit for use at our cattle farm in tamilnadu, also any other suitable advanced kit developed for cow cattle farm. please reply with details of price and usage



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