Diabetes :: Diabetic foot (gangrene) is curable

We Homoeopaths have been claiming about curing the diseases among ourselves since ages, but conveniently forgetting how to convince the other school of science i.e. allopathic world now claiming to be a modern science. This modern science with the help of other pharmaceutical companies and the world of electricity along with other measures like C.T. SCAN, MRI, 2-D, ECHO including angiography proving themselves as a part of their own world whereas it is totally false.

Homeopathy :: Fighting for the Right to Practice Homoeopathy

This is an update on the legal case for Oscar Fernandez. For those who do
not know, Oscar is a California nurse practitioner who is the object of a legal
action by the California nursing board for practicing homeopathy. The
California nursing board and a California deputy attorney general are
contending that homeopathy is not a legal practice for nurses in the state of California.
Oscar believes that no one should lose their right to practice for the “crime” of
practicing homeopathy.

Widening Interest in Homoeopathy – a career perspective

In modern scientific age, out of the world-recognized systems of medicine, Homoeopathy has acquired a great advancement within a short time in India. This system of medicine is very simple, gentle, economic, non-toxic, free from side effects, and is based on the principle – Similia Similibus Curentur.

Arthritis :: Homeopathic Medicines for Arthritis

Sir William Osler, known as the “Father of Modern Medicine,” once said, “When an arthritis patient walks in the front door, I feel like leaving by the back door.” There is one simple reason that Dr. Osler and many other conventional physicians since him have difficulty facing arthritic patients: there is little that conventional medicine offers them. The lucky ones get temporary relief along with drug side effects; the unlucky ones only get the side effects.

Let us think differently on health

Our Master Hahnemann was one among few outstanding medical men who thought about health in a different manner. He was trained in the traditional way from the famous Medical schools in Leipzig, Vienna, and Erlangen Etc. Soon after he started practice, he understood the barbarity of the medical practice of his time. He could not make compromise with his conscience and thus he had to stop practice. He has not yet been an established practitioner by way of his financial income to support his large family. Still, with a really heavy heart, he took such a hard decision.

Taking the bite out of bitterness

In order to take a bitter medicine, one needs something sweet, like sugar, to swallow it. This may no longer be the case in the future, thanks to natural compounds that block the taste of bitter substances.

Herbal Remedies – natural treatment – take care

A Woman who has been taking a prescription for her high blood pressure was advised by a friend to see an herbalist, who sold her a bag full of remedies. Now, the woman admits, she knows almost nothing about those remedies. Nor has she told her doctor about them.

Pharmaceutical :: 5 Years of Schwabe India

Dr. Willmar Schwabe – the oldest name in manufacturing homoeopathic medicines in the world – started to manufacture in 1866 according to the principles established by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Useful Leeches

The leech was indispensable in 19th Century medicine for bloodletting, a practice believed to be a cure for anything from headaches to gout. Leeching was largely abandoned as medical science advanced. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who first condemned the method of using leeches in treating the patients.

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