Homeopathy :: Fighting for the Right to Practice Homoeopathy

This is an update on the legal case for Oscar Fernandez. For those who do
not know, Oscar is a California nurse practitioner who is the object of a legal
action by the California nursing board for practicing homeopathy. The
California nursing board and a California deputy attorney general are
contending that homeopathy is not a legal practice for nurses in the state of California.
Oscar believes that no one should lose their right to practice for the “crime” of
practicing homeopathy.

It has been extremely encouraging to see the warm support already provided
by the homeopathic community. An anonymous homeopathic pharmaceutical has
generously funded all the initial investigation into Oscar??Ts defense. The
lead attorney has asked for a retainer of $30,000. Many people throughout the
country have already stepped forward to help Oscar. Many members of the AIH, NASH,
and Hahnemann College have donated to the legal defense fund.

Most encouraging of all, the National Center of Homeopathy (NCH) intends to
stand behind Oscar in his fight ??” immediately and generously matching
funds with the $10,000 raised by the Hahnemann College. The NCH has always been at
the forefront of defending the practice of homeopathy. Many of you will remember
the vigorous fight staged for George Guess in the early 1980??Ts. One of the
main functions of the NCH is to act as a clearing house and communication link in
our needs to protect homeopathy.

The NCH needs more help to continue coordinating these efforts. I should
point out that the NCH defense fund is for defending any legally practicing
homeopath who finds himself in difficulty. I hope everyone will join me in
supporting the NCH in its efforts.

Roger Morrison

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