Homeopathy :: Faith in Homoeopathy

In the present era after getting fed up with the untoward effects and reactions of the so called modern medicine the people are converging towards homoeopathy in the hope that homoeopathic medicines are safer and cause no side effects whatsoever.

Skin Care :: The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Beauty and Skin Care

Every person is born perfect. Inferiority is a mistake of the mind, a cloud covering the light. Dissolve the clouds by observing a balanced life with healthy habits. Nourish your mind and body. Connect with your own inner self. Celebrate your own magnificence and your beauty will always shine through.? —- Dr. Rama Kant Mishra, renowned Ayurvedic physician and dermatologist

Misconceptions about Homoeopathy

In the present era after getting fed up with the unwanted effects and reactions of the so called modern medicine, a large number of people are seen converging towards Homoeopathy in prospect that Homoeopathic medicines are safer and cause no or little side effects. There are still numerous false notions that hinder the acceptance of Homoeopathy in general public.

Hahnemann in Mirror of Astrology

Samuel Christian Hahnemann was by any standards a glorious eccentric, and his restless life story is mirrored in the chronological headlines.

Fearful Individual Personality & Genes

All of us have fears that we believe are due to our individual personality. However, new research now proves that genetics has a role to play here. The research by Dr John Hettema of the Virginia Commonwealth University and his Swedish colleagues, which involved the study of twins revealed that almost half of the body’s fear conditioning appears to be inherited.

Stress :: Stress Hormones can predict Divorce

If relationship of a spouse with his fianc? is uneasy, both the partners may remain in stress, or prolonged anxiety or depression. It may be tinted with hatred, ego, jealousy, indignation, anger, vexation, grief, sadness, fear, apprehension, insomnia, worries etc. etc. these all disturb the personality to such an extent that the present one may entirely differ from the original individual. These all changes are due to changes in hormones due to turmoil in our endocrine rhythm. Thus, unhealthy relationships sometimes result in high levels of some hormones called as stress hormones.

Menopause :: HRT may protect women with Angry, Aggressive Personalities

Women with anxious or angry personalities may have higher risk of heart disease after menopause. That’s the main finding from a long-term study of how personality affects the heart and arteries. But there’s more, note University of Pittsburgh researchers Kelly F. Harris and colleagues.

Flatulent Dyspepsia – Malaria officinalis

A middle-aged man with very sharp features and shiny nails consulted me for his complaints of indigestion with which he had been suffering for last 3-4 years. He would pass a lot of wind and felt bloated most of the times. His bowel movements were unsatisfactory and were the cause of his main worry as he had to go many times to the toilet. He had been on numerous medicines both homoeopathic (like Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Podophyllum etc.) and allopathic and none had given him relief for long. Hearing this I asked one of my students to take his case in detail.

Osteosarcoma :: A case of Osteosarcoma – Thyroidinum

A 14 years old girl of thin built, wheatish complexion and limping gait was brought to me by her parents for consultation. She had pain and swelling in right leg just below the knee joint since 2 1/2 years. The swelling was reddish and shiny (ANGRY APPEARANCE). With my poor knowledge of clinical medicine I asked them if it is a case of cancer? The parents replied that it had been diagnosed as a case of Osteosarcoma of Right upper Tibia. (So many times we see patients who try to test the clinical acumen of the Homoeopathic physicians by hiding the diagnosis till the very last moment!)

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Varicose :: A Case of Varicose Veins – Stramonium

Mr. S.A. of 65 years consulted us first on 13/2/2000 with the complaint of varicose veins from which he has been suffering since 15 years. He is a businessman and his work involves standing throughout the day. He is of medium height, average built, fair complexion, very neat & tidy in his dress & appearance.

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