Homoeopathy and Physiognomy

Physiognomy is the art or science of ascertaining the character of the mind of an individual by studying the features of his body especially face. So it is an art of judging or discovering temperament or character from outward appearance.

A man generally thinks according to his formation, and not only does he think according to his formation, but he acts and works in accordance therewith. External appearance and the internal environment vary from person to person. That is where physiognomy has its role to play.

Homoeopathy and Physiognomy

Infertility :: Role of Homeopathy in Male Infertility

Failure by a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. Vital statistics has shown 40% of infertility cases having an abnormality of Male Factors…which is important in Spermatogenesis.

Homeopathy :: Repertory Rubric – Changeability *

In the earlier years of homeopathy, Hahnemann and his followers proved many remedies, and carefully recorded the provings’ symptoms. Over the years, provings’ symptomatology started growing with each addition of proving symptoms and new remedies. Then obviously we required some sort of indexing for these homoeopathic provings and materia medicas. Thus was the concept of repertory born – an index to materia medicas and provings.

Sudeh-Suman Indian Homoeopathic Resource – 2002

Here is a book that addresses all your questions about the people and organizations of homoeopathic world in India. Apart from the usual list of doctors it has the list of homoeopathic teachers and other professionals like authors, editors, office bearers of various associations and other organizations.

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