Pakistan should prevent use of their territory for anti-India activities

PM Dr. Manmohan Singh in his speech at Red Fort said that countries today are more integrated with each other than ever before. He said that India’s foreign policy exploits this fully to India’s benefit.

He added that in the last 9 years, there has been a continuous improvement in our relations with the major powers of the world. The Look East policy in respect of 10 ASEAN countries in East and South-East Asia has borne good results, especially in economic matters.

He added that India has also strived for friendship with neighbouring countries.

However, he added, for relations with Pakistan to improve, it is essential that they prevent the use of their territory and territory under their control for any anti-India activity.

There has been improvement in the area of national security also.

Despite some worrisome communal incidents in 2012 and this year, the last 9 years have been good for communal harmony.

He said that there has been a reduction in terrorist and Naxal violence also. However, the area of national security calls for constant vigil.

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